Client Time and Billing System | Bill4Time

Client Management

Managing your clients has never been easier. All your client data is at your fingertips. You have easy access to contact details, project details, time logged, billing rates, account managers details, file attachments, work descriptions, invoices and accounting. Bill4Time is your perfect client time and billing system.

Manage All Your Clients in a Glance

Directly from the Client Management screen you can see all of your clients, their location, their assigned account manager, and even their current balance. Need to only see certain clients? Organize your clients by type, account manager, currency, and more.

List of clients in Bill4Time's time and billing system.

Everything in One Place

In the Bill4Time system, the Client Details screen consolidates everything, making it easy for the firm to access everything pertaining to a client. It makes a firm efficient and able to quickly respond to any client issue.

  • See in a glance all of the projects under a particular client, including their current balances.
  • Reference and edit the billing rates for your client.
  • See which users have access to this client.
  • Access the customized invoice for this client.
  • Keep a contact list just for this client. This will save precious time when you need to get a hold of a contact quickly. Contact them directly from your phone with the Bill4Time Mobile app.
  • Keep all files saved for this client in one place. This is super helpful if you’re out of the office and you need those documents immediately before you meet up with the client.
  • See your client history: invoices sent, payments received, balance adjustments, and more.
  • View the current balance and invoice balances on the Bill4Time Mobile app.
  • See all of the trust accounting activity pertaining to this client, regardless of the case/matter.

Client Reports

Many of the Bill4Time reports have filters to make client management convenient. The most relevant report is the Client Summary report that shows all of the tracked time and expenses, formatted in a professional layout, and ready to be printed out for your firm or the client. Need to edit anything in the report? Not a problem. The system gives you access to each work entry directly from the report itself.

Sample Client Summary Report, showing time and billable hours.

Client Portal

Keep your clients up to date on their work status with the Bill4Time Client Portal. The Bill4Time client portal allows you to give your clients limited account access so they can view invoices, balances and detail of work performed. It even lets them pay their invoices online via the PayPal Online Payments feature.

Screenshot of the client portal in Bill4Time's time and billing system.