Mobile Time Tracking Apps

Smartphones & iPad

For many lawyers, consultants and freelancers, being out of the office is the nature of the job. With Bill4Time Mobile Apps, now you can enter time and expenses on the go using your Smartphone or iPad. No more waiting until you are back in the office or on your computer to check a client's record or project status. Bill4Time's Apps allows you to immediately and accurately get your billing related tasks done while in the field on your iPad, iPhone, Android phone.

After you set-up your online account, the mobile app will sync to your account automatically.

Smartphone App

Record your hours and expenses while on the move, at a meeting or with a client using the smartphone app.
Quickly and effortlessly add those entries to open projects and much more.


  • Track Time
  • Track Expenses
  • Access Client Data
  • Review Schedule
  • Accounting History
  • Check Payments
Available on the App Store Android app on Google Play

If you have a new Blackberry, download the app here.

Blackberry app download
With your smartphone, Bill4Time makes mobile time tracking easy.

iPad App

The Bill4Time iPad app tracks your time and expenses and accesses your client information anywhere. Just open the app, select your client and project, and hit play to begin recording your time. Entering expenses is just as easy. Once your entries are saved, it will be transferred immediately to your online account, or stored until the next time your computer is online again.

The Bill4Time iPad app makes creating new time and expense entries a breeze.


  • Online or Offline time tracking
  • Run unlimited timers simultaneously
  • Add or edit project expenses
  • Create or edit client data
  • Create or edit project information
Available on the App Store
"Bill4Time allows us to immediately and accurately track our time while in the field right on our iPhones. Since implementing the solution our detailed record keeping has vastly improved. We no longer have a problem with missing time entries because time is entered at the time of service while still at the client’s location. In addition, we accurately capture expenses at the time of expense, and send out our invoices by email with just a few clicks. Bill4Time has immediately paid for itself many times over."

Paul G. Lewis
T&M Protection Resources, LLC
New York, NY