Reports for Users, Clients and Projects | Bill4Time

Real-Time Reports

Assess Your Business to Increase Your Productivity

Bill4Time has many valuable tools to increase your productivity. Monitor and manage your business by tracking its vital signs. With Bill4Time’s many reports, you can give a detailed account to your clients in a matter of seconds. Track hours, project income, invoice balances and see your progress with contractors, users, clients, taxable items, expenses, trust accounts and more.

All Reports Feature:

  • Powerful filters and options for each report
  • Stored filter combinations to run commonly accessed reports
  • Easy exporting to Excel
  • Save in PDF format to easily send to clients

Time & Expense

Calculate your time and expenses the way you want with Bill4Time’s many reports. Whether it be by user, client, or project you can access time entries and expenses logged in the time frame of your choice with just a few clicks.

Sample report showing time, expenses and other details tracked in Bill4Time.

Client & Project

Make sure your project stays on time and budget with the various project reports. Choose from reports that show time, expense, file uploads and note entries to bring you fully up to speed on any project status.

Budget tool as a report in Bill4Time.


Experience quick access to all accounting activity, outstanding balances, work-in-progress reports, aging reports. Bill4time also gives you the flexibility to manage your accounts on the project level and client level allowing you to see all payments, invoices and balance adjustments per project or per client. Tax reports are ready for hand-off to your accountant in seconds.

Sample Work-in-Progess (WIP) report in Bill4Time.


See the general productivity of your organization month over month or year over year. Also see at a glance who has been contributing to the project based on hours per day and month helping you detect abrupt peaks and lulls in billable hours. Access calendar based, color-coded reports showing billable hours for each user, with totals for each day, week, and for the entire month helping you set goals and stay focused.

Sample user productivitiy report in Bill4Time.