Billing & Invoicing

Fast and easy client billing ensures that you aren't spending your valuable time doing back office work. With Bill4Time, billing and invoicing takes minutes not hours. Now you can enjoy flexible billing options and customizable invoice creation. Plus get paid quicker via online invoicing and the PayPal Online Payments feature.

Flexible Software for Billing

Bill4Time's flexible billing options allow you to define unlimited billing rates. Although you can set your defaulted rates, you can modify them when the need arises for any client, project, activity or time entry. This kind of flexibility is available for both the freelancing consultant and the well-staffed company. You can even have a different mix of hourly and flat rates for every single user in your business. For legal professionals, Bill4Time works as an attorney billing software by incorporating LEDES & contingency billing in the mix.

List of all the current balances in Bill4Time's software for billing.

Create Professional Invoices

With Bill4Time, presenting professional invoices to your clients is easy. Each billable item is easily traced back to its user, assigned client, assigned project, and time entry. Everything tracked in Bill4Time is organized in detail right down to the billable minute and is ready to be summed into an invoice. Producing an invoice only takes minutes and it can be easily emailed as a PDF, formatted for your company's letterhead or printed.

Example of an invoice in Bill4Time's invoicing software.

Bill Your Clients Faster via Email

The faster you bill, the sooner you can get paid! Once you make your invoice, you can email them instantly. Our invoicing features are particularly useful when you have multiple clients and there is some question about an invoice. Retrieval happens in a matter of seconds. No shuffling of papers or searching through your hard drive. It's all there in a single place online.

Receive Online Payments

Get paid faster with the PayPal Online Payments feature. Email your invoice to your client and have a Pay Now button right there on the screen. Once the payment is verified with PayPal, Bill4Time automatically assigns the payment to the invoice. It is one less step you need to do.

Screenshot of a client's opportunity to pay your PayPal account. Invoicing software made easy!


Bill4Time allows you to easily customize your invoices. Choose from invoice templates, modify the layout and include your own logo. Make the invoice as simple or as detailed as you like with options like receipt images and user hour summaries. Include a late fee or a secondary tax when needed.

Sample of an invoice with your logo on it, in Bill4Time's invoice software.