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Time Tracking and Billing Made Easy

Bill4Time web-based time tracking and billing software is your complete business management tool. Bill4Time handles your time and expense tracking, project management, email invoicing, online payments and reporting, leaving you more time to focus on what you do best, your business. Easy to access and flexible - Bill4Time offers 3 ways to access your account: Online, Mobile App and Desktop.

Time Tracking

Tracking your time has never been easier. With access from anywhere and one click time entries with timers; you’ll be tracking time, creating invoices and generating reports in minutes. Bill4Time stores information about your client, project, activity, rates, and more so when you enter your time worked, it’s automatically organized.

Bill4Time's multi-timer: just one of the ways to use the time billing software.

Expense Tracking

Enter expenses from anywhere at any time, whether you're logged into Bill4Time, on-the-go via our mobile app or using our desktop widget. Plus go paperless and stay organized without the clutter of receipts.

Bill4Time's detailed expense entries. It makes time billing easy and accurate.

Mobile App

Do you work on the go? Take Bill4Time with you. Enter time and expenses using your mobile phone with Bill4Time Mobile for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Earn more money by capturing every minute worked. Log the time you spend even on the small tasks. “Here and there” minutes add up to larger bills at the end of the month and Bill4Time simplifies the time tracking and billing task by having a mobile app ready at all times.

Screenshot of the time billing software on an iPhone.

Billing & Invoicing

Bill4Time can handle many billing situations including multiple billing rates, flat and hourly combinations, and more. All your data is stored and organized to create invoices in minutes. Send out professional invoices via email or print and mail. Easily manage your invoices with outstanding balances and even get paid quicker by accepting payments electronically.

Example of an invoice in Bill4Time's time and billing software.

Online Access

Whether you are on a Mac or a PC, using Bill4Time is as easy as visiting a website. Bill4Time is web-based so you’ll never have to install or download software, or worry about operating-system compatibility—you just launch your web browser and start tracking time and billing.

Screenshot of where you would log in to access your time billing software online.

Desktop Widget

There may be times when you don't have access to the Internet, but that shouldn't affect your time tracking. The Bill4Time Desktop Widget tracks your time regardless if you are on the Internet or not. The widget is saved on your desktop and stores all the names of your clients, projects and activities. Track time effortlessly. Then once you are back online, it automatically syncs to your online account.

Screenshot of Bill4Time's time billing software widget.

Project Management

Manage multiple projects effortlessly. Have even the smallest project details readily available. When you can easily manage many projects, you have the advantage to take on more and grow your business. Bill4Time gives you this advantage.

Screenshot of Bill4Time's time and billing software- the dashboard showing project management features.

Document Storage & Management

Save your data and files safely and securely to the cloud with Bill4Time’s native storage options, or with our partner Box. You’ll be able to access your files and documents anywhere, from all of your devices making running your firm and collaboration seamless.

Bill4Time has integrated with Box for cloud based document storage.

Client Management

Go beyond the address book by having simple access to all your client information. Keep up with your clients and everything that makes them unique. Create invoices, generate reports, access uploaded client documents and more.

Screenshot of client management in Bill4Time's time and billing software.

Security & User Access

Your data is important and it's protected with Bill4Time. We store it on highly secure servers and give you the opportunity to keep it on your computer any time you want. Some users need more access to the system than others. Customize Bill4Time to cater to your needs. You're in control.

List of users with different access permissions to the secure time billing software.

Accounting & QuickBooks

Stay organized after you send the bill. Easily accept and keep track of your payments. Bill4Time keeps track of all balances and payment activity you store in the system. You have quick access to all information about projects, outstanding balances, and all accounting activity. You can easily export to QuickBooks.

Screenshot of running balances and accounting done in Bill4Time's time billing software.


Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your business with Bill4Time's many reports. Give a detailed account to your clients in a matter of seconds. See how well you are doing with your trust accounts, contractors, users, clients, productivity, taxable items, expenses and more.

Sample report used to manage time and billing in Bill4Time.

Industry Specific: Legal

Bill4Time has the muscle to handle law firms and businesses who work with lawyers, making it a robust legal billing software. Keep detailed time billing records of current and past clients, cases, and invoices with ease.

Screenshot of ABA codes enabled in the time billing software.

Industry Specific: Accountants

Bill4Time supports accountant’s time tracking and billing needs with special features developed especially for accountants. Powerful and simple-to-use, Bill4Time enables you to organize your time, expenses, billing, payments and outstanding balances and easily integrates with QuickBooks.

Time billing software sample of accounting features, such as the Work In Progress report.