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Time Tracking Widget

A Convenient Way to Track Time Right From Your Desktop

Not having access to the Internet shouldn't affect your ability to run your business effectively. The Bill4Time Desktop Widget tracks your time and expenses and accesses all your client information regardless if you are on the Internet or not. Just open the widget on your desktop, select your client and project, and hit play. Entering expenses are just as easy. Even if you're offline, the widget gives you quick access to your active clients, open projects, and current activities. Once the time entry is saved, it will be transferred immediately to your online account, or stored until the next time your computer is connected to the internet. Then once you are back online, it synchronizes automatically with Bill4Time Online.

  • Track your time, even while offline
  • Start and pause your timer
  • Enter descriptions and rates
  • Quickly add expenses
  • Synchronizes to your online account
  • See a summary of all saved time entries

Screenshot of Bill4Time's time tracking widget.