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New! Bill4Time Launches Enhanced Client Portal

November 3, 2015: Blog, News, What's New

Bill4Time is pleased to release an enhanced client portal. This new full-featured, self-service portal will be rolled out to all Bill4Time clients over the next few weeks. The new Bill4Time client portal lets businesses provide convenient online payment options to clients. Now, businesses can provide even more options in addition to PayPal by connecting with Stripe. […]

Tools to Help Architecture Firms Succeed

October 27, 2015: Blog, Small Business

Many have chosen to forget the impact of the Great Recession on architecture firms. According to the US Department of Commerce, architecture firms nationally lost over $14 billion in revenue or 21% of their 2008 billings during the downturn. The loss of revenue caused downsizing of over 60,000 payroll positions with over half of these […]

Freelancing Tools That Make You Money

October 20, 2015: Blog, Small Business

  A “job” consisted of working every day from 8am to 5pm and getting a full range of benefits, including medical, dental, vision and if you were really lucky, a 401K and a matching contribution. But since the Great Recession, the word “job” has been redefined to include work done on a short-term basis. Hence, […]

Bill4Time Launches Mobile Time Billing App with “At-a-Glance” Features for On-Demand Insight to Business Operations

October 13, 2015: Blog, Press Releases

SMBs can Now Easily Manage Critical Time Billing Activities On-the-Go October 13, 2015 — Bill4Time (, a leader in time billing software for legal, accounting, consulting and service businesses, announced today the release of Bill4Time mobile v2.3 “At-a-Glance” features for Apple® iPhone and Android® smartphones. These new features provide mobile users the ability to better […]

How to Get Paid Faster

September 30, 2015: Accounting, Blog, Legal, Small Business

  It’s frustrating to the point of inducing full-blown anger. Late paying clients can be the death of a small business—for that matter, any business! How are you supposed to pay your bills, much less grow your firm, when the money due you isn’t coming in the door? Here are a few tips that may […]

Tracking Time, Documentation & Other Best Practices for Contractors

September 23, 2015: Blog, Small Business

Often General Contractors use Time & Material contracts for one main reason: lack of enough information to prepare a bid. Typically, the Owner hasn’t a complete set of plans or specifications for the project. And whatever  plans that are available may only be enough to get a permit approved. What about the drywall finish? Light fixture schedule? […]

Four Trends in the Legal Industry to Watch

September 16, 2015: Blog, Legal

During the Great Recession, many legal professionals battoned down the hatches, strapped on the water wings and did everything possible to keep themselves afloat. For those surviving the storm, the ailing economy has forever changed the landscape, creating greater efficiencies and productivity in an even more competitive market. From these changes have emerged a number of trends […]

Law Firm Accounting Issues Can Add-up

September 9, 2015: Accounting, Blog, Legal

There are two primary types of accounting methods: accrual and cash accounting. Accrual reflects income when it is earned, whereas, cash accounting reflects income when received. Most solo and small law firms prefer the cash accounting method as it is easier to manage. Regardless of which method you choose, there are issues with both methods. […]

Five Principles to Getting Paid for Lawyers

September 2, 2015: Blog, Legal

  Tracking and billing time to clients is integral to any law firm. Accurately tracking and recording time and submitting easy to read and detailed invoices is key to a firm’s success. To help ensure you are always paid what you’re worth, try following these five simple principles.     Five General Principles to Getting […]

Time Tracking Adds up for Accountants

August 26, 2015: Accounting, Blog

Time is money for any business—especially for accounting practices. Accounting businesses are mostly fixed costs based on rent, utilities and the salaries of personnel. How much profit they make depends on how well time is utilized. That is, how well you make use of your employees time on client work determines the level of profit […]