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July 14, 2011:

Love Bill4Time and want to tell your friends? Let us help you with our new Affiliate Referral Program. It’s free to sign up and you get your own tracking link. With this link, anyone who clicks on it from your emails, PPC, newsletters, blog or ads will let us know that you referred them. You earn 30% from each one of your referred Bill4Time paid subscriptions for up to 3 years.

Banner Ad for Affiliate Referral ProgramBill4Time’s Affiliate Program is fully managed in-house. This guarantees that we provide timely payouts, reliable customer service, creative content, and much more. We also provide banners for you to embed on your website (just like the one you see here).

“With Bill4Time’s Affiliate Program, we’re inviting more professionals to get to know Bill4Time with a win-win offer,” said Jeremy Diviney,president of Bill4Time. “Our Affiliate Program offers an enticing incentive and a great business opportunity for happy customers and affiliate marketers.”

Written by Bill4Time Staff

One response to “New Affiliate Referral Program at Bill4Time”

  1. Ansel Boris says:

    Hi there,
    I would like to know how I can reach out to clients on a business level. My target is the legal field. You all mention something about a tracking link/email. Would this be an effective approach or a website?
    I’m interested in getting started but like to start positively.

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