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The Right Way to Fit a Smartphone into Your Professional Life

What’s a workflow? If you think it’s a merely a project management tool, you (and your clients) are missing out on the best version of yourself.

Laptop Life and Working Your Workflow

The professional world begins and ends with tasks and projects. And real professionals know how to create a truly flowing workflow with just a laptop.

Faster Payments from Your Trust Payments Tab – Infographic

November 20, 2014: Blog, Legal

Make payments from your trust accounts directly from your invoice batch by using the Batch Trust Payments feature.

Itemize to Educate: What Your Clients Want to Know and Will Pay For

September 30, 2014: Blog, Legal, Small Business

You’ve probably already heard the cliché of customer experiences and the value of a Starbucks drink. (If it isn’t a cliché to you yet, it should be.) You’re the expert for your clients. Only you know all the steps that go into creating their projects, making their cases and solving their needs, right? If that’s […]

4 Tips to Invoicing

September 26, 2013: Accounting, Blog, Legal, Small Business

Invoicing is an important part of your business. Not only is it how you collect payment for your services, but it’s also another form of communication between you and your client. How you present yourself before, during and after a transaction all reflect your level of professionalism. Poor billing practices can lead to a lack of […]

Bill4Time: Now Saving You Even More Time!

February 8, 2013: Blog, Legal, Small Business, What's New

Your time is valuable. And here at Bill4Time, we know a thing or two about the importance of time management. We’ve got an update that is going to save you a significant amount of time. Time and time again.

How Law Firms Save Thousands of Dollars on Bookkeeping

April 19, 2012: Blog, Legal, Small Business

Keisha S. Gatison, from the Gatison Law Firm in North Haven, CT, shares with us why she believes Bill4Time is an invaluable asset to her.

Bill4Time is Now a Premium Solutions Provider of the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Management

February 22, 2012: Blog, Legal, News

Bill4Time, the time tracking and invoicing software proven to help professionals run their businesses successfully, is now a Premium Solutions Provider of the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Management Section (LPM). Since 1974, LPM has been the resource needed for lawyers to successfully manage their law practice. LPM supplies lawyers and legal professionals with information […]

How Small Law Firms Bill Without a Billing Department

December 6, 2011: Blog, Legal, Small Business

The biggest headache for a small law practice is keeping up with billing without a billing department. This is Cynthia Monaco’s story about how Bill4Time solves this issue.

Bill4Time Giving Back: Free Time Billing Software for Students

August 24, 2011: Accounting, Blog, Legal, News, What's New

We at Bill4Time believe it’s important to invest in students’ future. Now students with an .edu address can use Bill4Time for free as long as they’re in school. It will help them prepare for the real working world after graduation.