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New Features: Trust Accounting, Invoicing, Invoice Templates

July 1, 2010: Blog, Legal, What's New

Bill4Time has released new features: invoice templates, applying expense/labor discounts on invoices, and more.

System Update – Billable Rates per Activity Type

Bill by activity type! Set the rate and you’re all set! Now every time you track time for that activity, the rate is automatically applied. It’s that simple. This rate over-rides user rate, client rate, and project rate.

Invoicing Software Updates

Now you can easily make multiple invoices for multiple projects under one client. With our invoice updates, you can also include receipt images to your invoices. This adds further accountability to your clients.

Announcing LEDES Export

July 2, 2009: Blog, Legal

Bill4time, a web-based legal billing software, adheres to the LEDES electronic format as standardized by the legal industry.