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EU General Data Protection Regulation

May 25, 2018: Blog

Trust is the foundation of our relationship with thousands of people and businesses around the world. We greatly value the confidence you’ve put in us and take the responsibility of protecting your data seriously.

Law Firm Website Feature Image

What Should You Include On Your Law Firm’s Website?

  Is your law firm website exceptional? A-player firms treat their website like the rainmaker it is. A powerful marketing tool that sets them apart from the rest of their industry. What about yours? The experience for most law firms is pretty standard. They contact an agency or designer to develop their website. They pay […]


7 Ways Potential Clients Will Evaluate Your Practice

May 16, 2018: Blog, Legal

  Potential clients assume you’re knowledgeable. The majority of clients believe you’re a highly competent legal professional. And they’re right. You made it through law school and passed the bar. You’re running your practice as a successful attorney. You’re winning. So why isn’t this enough? Potential clients use a very different set of metrics to […]


5 Practical Steps for Establishing Your Law Practice

  As a lawyer, you’re indispensable. Your clients don’t always see it that way though. What’s worse, clients often do their best to avoid attorneys for as long as they can. Which makes establishing your law practice difficult. Deep down, clients understand your value. A lawyer is a necessary savior, a protector that solves very […]

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The 4 Best Communication Tools for Lawyers and Their Clients

May 2, 2018: Blog, Legal

  What’s the #1 bar complaint clients are most likely to file against you? Poor client communication. Do lawyers have a reputation for poor communication? All across the country clients file complaints against their attorneys citing neglect and poor communication. There’s some truth to that though right? Research shows it’s very common for lawyers struggle […]

Release Notes: May 2018

May 1, 2018: Blog

The Bill4Time product team releases new and enhanced features, system improvements, and bug fixes several times per week.


Bill4Time’s April Customer Story: Environmental Design Partnership LLP

April 27, 2018: Blog, Case Study

  The Environmental Design Partnership has been serving the Capital Region in upstate New York, for over 40 years. The thirty member multi-disciplinary consulting firm established in 1977, specializes in civil environmental engineering, consulting, landscaping, architecture, and land surveying. Their motto, “Shape the physical environment,” embodies the ways in which they are making the world […]


Best Practices For Implementing a New Software Solution For Your Firm

April 25, 2018: Blog, Running Your Business

You’ve done it. You’ve purchased a brand new piece of software. The software solution to your recurring accounting problem. You’ve watched the webinars and product demos. You know what this piece of legal software can do for your firm. So, why aren’t you using it? It wasn’t cheap. You spent a considerable amount of money […]


How To Research and Vet Legal Software Solutions For Your Law Firm

April 18, 2018: Blog, Legal

Choosing the right legal software begins with self evaluation, asks the right questions, and ends with complete answers. Keep downsides to a minimum. With the right amount of research and vetting you’ll find the perfect legal software solution for your firm.

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Anatomy of an Invoice: Best Practices for Client Billing in the Legal Industry

April 11, 2018: Blog, Legal

In the legal industry, a bill that’s ignored is a missed opportunity. Include the right details on your invoice and you’re far more likely to realize the benefits you’re looking for.