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6 Firm Wide Metrics to Evaluate and Improve Your Practice

August 15, 2018: Blog, Legal

  Is your law firm doing well? How do you really know that your firm is doing well? When it comes to firm wide metrics, many aren’t sure they have the answer. Their gut feeling tells them all is well so they go with that. Maybe they’re right? Or maybe their assessment of their firm […]

How clients find lawyers

How Clients Find Lawyers Online

August 9, 2018: Blog, Legal

  Even today, there are a few lawyers out there who don’t believe the internet will help them get clients. Luckily, the majority of lawyers do believe it, and it’s a good thing they do because that IS where clients are looking.   Referral first, search second According to the ABA Journal, 38% of consumers […]

alternative fee arrangements

10 Types of Alternative Fee Arrangements to Consider For Your Firm

August 8, 2018: Blog, Legal

  What’s the most upsetting part of billing? A fee dispute. Clients aren’t always happy with their bill. In their mind, there’s an abundance of law firms that can do the same things you do. It makes sense then that clients have become dissatisfied with the traditional “per hour model.” They want options. They want […]

How Shepherd Prewett PLLC Reduced Non-Billable Work By As Much As 50%

August 7, 2018: Case Study, Legal

  Shepherd Prewett PLLC is a Houston based boutique law firm. They specialize in all manner of civil disputes, handling civil litigation and appellate matters. They’re experts at:   Commercial disputes Oil and gas litigation Professional liability and malpractice claims Personal injury cases Appeals and arbitration Licensing and regulatory challenges   Originally this small six […]


How to Disconnect From the Firm and Be Present with Your Family

August 1, 2018: Blog, Legal, Running Your Business

  It snuck up on us. The expectations around work, the ones we’re used to, have changed. The phrase 9 to 5 is viewed as old-fashioned and outdated. A lawyer’s family is expected to wait.  Our friends and loved ones are supposed to take what they can get. This sounds wrong. It is wrong. Does […]

Top 9 Legal Podcasts Worth Listening To On Your Commute

July 27, 2018: Blog, Legal

  Have you ever heard this saying? Knowledge is power. It’s trite and kind of cliché, but it’s also incredibly true. Knowledge gives you power, especially if you know how to use the knowledge you acquire. It’s so cliché in fact, that it’s taken for granted by most people. Attorneys have to grow continually. You […]

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3 Ways to Grow Your Standing at Your Firm

July 25, 2018: Blog, Legal

We all want it. Don’t we? The status and prestige that comes with success? With being significant? Express the desire to grow your standing out loud though and it’s viewed as vain. It’s the truth though isn’t it? Status is a good thing believe it or not. It’s a helpful tool that enables you to […]


How to Say No to Colleagues at Your Practice

July 24, 2018: Blog, Legal

  It’s an important but underdeveloped skill. It’s something professionals struggle to do with any reasonable amount of confidence. They’re concerned about the consequences of their choice. When the topic comes up, many attorneys are filled with fear and dread. I’m talking about saying No. Saying No something most of us don’t want to do. […]


5 Ways to Be More Productive at Your Practice

July 18, 2018: Blog, Legal

  It’s impossible. There’s no way. There’s no way to 2x, 5x or 10x your productivity. It’s absolutely impossible. That’s the approach many professionals take towards productivity. It makes sense. There’s a lot of generic advice online. Most of it isn’t practical. It’s often not clear what you’re supposed to do with the advice you […]

How to Help Your Colleagues Get Organized Without Being Condescending

July 17, 2018: Blog, Legal

  A disorganized attorney was a must-have. That’s the mantra many firms used to subscribe to. For a long time, a disorganized lawyer was a good lawyer. It was seen by many as a sign of a brilliant, scatterbrained professional. Not anymore. These days disorganization is seen for what it is. A liability and expense […]