Tracking a Remote Work Team

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September 21, 2012:

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If you outsource different responsibilities or have employees that work out of the office frequently, keeping an accurate account of time worked can be a challenge. Maybe you’ve hired employees who are only able to come in to the office a few days a week. Maybe your business needed a small project completed and outsourced the task to a freelancer. No matter what your circumstances may be, a web-based time tracking software can help your business and HR department become more efficient. Small businesses and entrepreneurs can benefit from time billing software as they’re able to spend more time focused on their passions and less on project management and human resources responsibilities.


The right web-based time billing software will depend on what your needs are, but one option to consider is a program that allows scheduling from a designated project manager. With the ability to assign projects, including the scope of work and time allocations, to remote work employees, your business can be more secure in making sure tasks are completed within time and budget. With scheduling capabilities, you can set deadlines and see which are approaching. With easy to access schedules and available billable hours, your team can stay focused to making sure deadlines are met with high-quality results.

Improved Communications

Because your business’s billing system can be accessed from any computer or mobile device with access to the internet, communications between you and your remote work teams will improve.  Everyone is on the same page, working as a team – no matter their location. Web-based billing software with email alerts can help you stay connected on one coast as a remote employee works from the other. If one employee is billing more hours than allotted, you can easily see whether the project scope needs to be readjusted or if time theft is taking place.

Payroll Accuracy

In every business, there is someone responsible for HR duties, including payroll processing. Spending time on these responsibilities can distract your small business employees. If you have a more complex system of pay or simply a lot of remote workers to keep track of, a time billing software solution can make this complicated process much easier. Look for a program that easily integrates with the accounting software or program your business already has in place. You won’t have to enter the information twice and can gain peace of mind from knowing the chance of errors has been greatly reduced.

When you’re debating whether time and attendance software solutions are worth the investment for your remote work team, consider the benefits that come from implementing the program. You can spend more time focused on the core of your business and less on payroll processing and budget allocations. Billing for clients and from remote employees is easier than ever.

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Written by Bill4Time Staff

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