Bill4Time’s New Design: List of updated features

Written by Kristin O'Neill in Blog
July 11, 2016:

Since the release of the Bill4Time New Design in May of this year, we have received amazing feedback. We put a sincere effort into making the new version as seamless of a change as possible. With that said, you may have missed a few new features we’ve released over the last few months. See below for a complete list of features and updates:

reskin generalGeneral

  • In your menu bar at the top you will see a plus icon which you can pull down to create a new Client, Project, Time Entry, Expense, Internal Time, Invoice, or Payment from any page you are on.


  • Design update to remove all Adobe based widgets which helps with Mac products.
  • Time Entry Grid allows for ABA Task Codes

Client & Project Management

  • Add Time, Add Expense, and Create Invoice buttons have been added to the top of any Client and Project page.
  • Print and PDF buttons have been added to the invoices shown through Accounting. You can also click on an invoice to be sent to the Invoice Details page.
  • A Billed, Unbilled, and Total Balance section has been added to the Accounting overview.


  • Under Find Invoice you now have the ability to filter by Client and Project.
  • On the Invoice Details page, if the invoice is in a batch it will show the Batch ID which you can click to be sent to the batch details page.
  • On the Invoice Details page, if you click Payments you now have the ability to apply payments that may have already been saved as well as receive new payments.
  • Previous and Next buttons have been added to the Invoice Details page for invoices in a batch.

We encourage to continue submitting your feedback with suggestions for improvements! At the top right, click the question mark to access the Bill4Time Support Center, where you can submit a support request and send us your feedback.

We are looking forward to the future, and are dedicated to the goal of making Bill4Time the best timekeeping and billing system available!


Written by Kristin O’Neill

Kristin O'Neill

Kristin is the Director of Customer Success of Bill4Time products. She manages a team of product specialists that help clients achieve success through streamlined processes for time tracking, invoicing and payments.

16 responses to “Bill4Time’s New Design: List of updated features”

  1. Violet Dodds says:

    Looking forward to the new design

    Thanks Kristin

  2. Under Client and Project Management you have added a time, expense and create invoice button. Should also add a Add Note button. Right now you have to on the client page click on the notes/files tab and on the project tab the Work History tab in order to get to the notes page

  3. Todd Olinger says:

    Hi Bill4Time – On the time entry pages, please try to re-incorporate the feature whereby the time entries for a given day are sorted into chronological order based on start- and end-time if those times are inputted by the user. This was a very helpful feature before the update 3-4 years ago. Thanks! Todd

  4. This looks easier than the former template. Looking forward to trying it out. Maybe I will be able to call for help less often.

  5. Jeremy Sung, Esq. says:

    I do not like the new design,

    I do not like that the two stop process to get into my case history.

    New format has light blue fonts that are not as clear as the old format.

    I will be stickig to the old format and you better not get rid of it.

    • Kristin O'Neill says:

      We have updated the Work History to combine with the Details again exactly like the old design. We have also updated some of the fonts and coloring to make it easier to view. Thank you for your feedback!

  6. Jeff Seay says:

    It would be nice if I could invoice each project separately. We are an accounting firm and I may be invoicing a client for taxes, consulting, and assurance services all at once. Now I either have to do three separate invoices or break out the invoices in the description section so that the client knows what amount they are being invoiced for each project. This could be accomplished by adding an invoice summary option for each project. Also, it would be nice if the program defaulted to me as the manager so that I don’t have to pick my name from the list every time I create an invoice as I do not bill for other people in my firm. By the way, I love the new design!

    • Kristin O'Neill says:

      Hello Jeff! Thank you for your feedback. I’m going to convert this to a ticket so we can talk more about the project invoice issue you are having to see if we have something that can resolve this.

  7. Marsha says:

    PLEASE update your tutorials! It’s hard enough to have to teach yourself a new program but when the teaching aids do not apply to the current program, how is one to learn?

    • Kristin O'Neill says:

      Hello Marsha, we apologize for the delay. All written Guides, Articles, and Videos have been updated with the new design as of November 2016.

  8. Aaron Fairchild says:

    Please make it so the running “timer” does not automatically disappear when you click anywhere else on the page. This is the only reason I’ve been reverting to the legacy version as long as I’m able.

  9. Dan says:

    For each time entry, there is now a save button. If you forget, it is lost. This is annoying. Can the default be to save the entries, rather than NOT to save entries that have been typed in? Or at least if a return is hit at the end of the entry, for that to save the entry and go tot he next client/matter, without having to click the save button? I know it sounds stupid, but I have had to re-input entries…. Think of Gmail — if you are typing something and close it out, the entry is saved (in drafts). That is a very useful feature, and should be the default.

    • Kristin O'Neill says:

      Hello Dan, thank you for your feedback. In the Time Entry Grid, there is not a save button that must be pressed. The reason for this addition was an issue that caused duplicates to form from this feature when refreshed on the screen. We will certainly be looking into a more friendly way to upgrade the Time Entry Grid to bring back the same (and better) functionality in the future.

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