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Tip of the Week: QuickBooks Connect Application for QuickBooks Online

June 29, 2011: Accounting, Blog, What's New

We’re proud to release a QuickBooks Connect Application that integrates with QuickBooks Online. It also accommodates for late fees and our newly-released second tax feature. Currently, this is only available for PC users.

New Features: Invoicing for Dual Taxation and More

Bill4Time now allows a secondary tax to your invoices. It’s great for our Canadian customers with their Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST). Read further for easy step-by-step instructions on how to access this new feature.

New Features for Internal Time, Flat Fee Projects & Trust Reports

March 18, 2011: Accounting, Blog, Legal, What's New

We’ve now make it easier for you to record your work entries: have both flat-fee and hourly entries recorded on one screen! We also help you see how much internal time you accumulated throughout the week.

New Features: New Accounting Reports and a Project Management Widget

October 15, 2010: Accounting, Blog, What's New

With our latest reports, you can quickly see the progress of your projects (WIP Summary), details of outstanding invoices (Invoice A/R Aging reports), and compare how much you billed to how much you really worked (Invoice Write up and Write Down reports).

New Features: Report Templates & Budgeting Tool

We have two top new features. Now you can make your own reports using Bill4time’s data! Just make a report and export it as an excel spreadsheet. Plus, keep within your budget with Bill4Time’s latest budget tool!

System Update – Billable Rates per Activity Type

Bill by activity type! Set the rate and you’re all set! Now every time you track time for that activity, the rate is automatically applied. It’s that simple. This rate over-rides user rate, client rate, and project rate.

Invoicing Software Updates

Now you can easily make multiple invoices for multiple projects under one client. With our invoice updates, you can also include receipt images to your invoices. This adds further accountability to your clients.

New Feature: Project-Level Accounting

March 10, 2010: Accounting, Blog, News, What's New

Bill4Time now has project-level accounting. This will greatly help your project management! With this accounting isolation, all accounting activity for each project is now separated to each project profile.

New! Bill4Time Invoice Templates

February 7, 2010: Accounting, Blog, What's New

New invoice designs are available! You can now design your own header and footer, decide how much client information you want on your invoice, and even save settings for any particular client.