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5 Affordable Bookkeeping Software Solutions for Law Firms

  Whether you’re running a virtual law firm or a brick & mortar location, you need a bookkeeping software solution that can help you conduct the following: Better understand the amount of money coming in as well the expenses it takes to keep your firm going. Have your colleagues and associates access important information whenever […]

Getting Paid What You’re Worth: Why Time Tracking is Essential to Understanding Your Productivity

As a lawyer with extensive education and training, you are entitled to be paid what you’re worth. But what are you worth? Getting the most out of your time and accurately tracking the time you spend working on cases will ultimately give the most return on your investment (of time).

Get Paid Faster: Setting Up your Bill4Time Payment Portal

The Bill4Time Client Portal is your client’s online gateway to your business. Your clients can view invoices, outstanding balances and payment history.  Businesses that offer clients convenient online payments options get paid up to 30% faster than when using traditional payment methods. That means, instead of sending a paper invoice via snail mail to your […]

How to Increase Billable Time (and Revenues) for Accountants

January 6, 2016: Accounting, Blog

As an accountant, have you ever stopped to think about how many hours you bill in a year? Or  how many hours you would like to bill in a year? These numbers can be very different. For many reasons, there is often a gap between the number of hours an accountant wants to bill versus […]

CPA Practice Advisor Review of Bill4Time

December 23, 2015: Accounting, Blog, In The News

Best Fit: Professional firms that want cloud-based time and expense management for time and expense tracking and billing, along with mobile apps that simplify daily use. Strengths Integration with QuickBooks, Outlook and Google Apps for Apple and Android devices Online payment acceptance Management at the client, project and activities level Features for accounting and legal […]

7 Tips to Successful Invoicing

One of the most stressful times for a small business of any size is when cash flow grow tight because payments are not being made in a timely manner. Sometimes the answer is how you invoice and your communication with the customer—setting expectations, defining roles and terms—all of which can create barriers in getting paid on […]

Stripe – Your PayPal Alternative

October 7, 2015: Accounting, Blog, News

Online payments take the work out of getting paid. Period. This is why we have integrated with Stripe as an alternative to PayPal for collecting online payments. It’s easier for your customers to pay you in the way they feel most comfortable. Stripe is simple and is extremely safe. See what others have been saying about Stripe: “Stripe […]

How to Get Paid Faster

September 30, 2015: Accounting, Blog, Legal, Small Business

  It’s frustrating to the point of inducing full-blown anger. Late paying clients can be the death of a small business—for that matter, any business! How are you supposed to pay your bills, much less grow your firm, when the money due you isn’t coming in the door? Here are a few tips that may […]

Law Firm Accounting Issues Can Add-up

September 9, 2015: Accounting, Blog, Legal

There are two primary types of accounting methods: accrual and cash accounting. Accrual reflects income when it is earned, whereas, cash accounting reflects income when received. Most solo and small law firms prefer the cash accounting method as it is easier to manage. Regardless of which method you choose, there are issues with both methods. […]

Time Tracking Adds up for Accountants

August 26, 2015: Accounting, Blog

Time is money for any business—especially for accounting practices. Accounting businesses are mostly fixed costs based on rent, utilities and the salaries of personnel. How much profit they make depends on how well time is utilized. That is, how well you make use of your employees time on client work determines the level of profit […]