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Building a Better Law Firm

December 18, 2017: Blog, Legal, Running Your Business

A legal invoice is a reflection of your professionalism: “We take pride in the fact that, even though we’re small, Bill4Time brings legitimacy to our firm since our invoices are every bit as detailed and professional as our larger competitors.”

How To Go Paperless

October 17, 2017: Blog, Running Your Business

These days, everyone talks about having a paperless office. It’s a laudable goal. Your documents are secure, your office less cluttered, your files easier to get to, and it can really increase your productivity. However, a lot of friction can arise when you are trying to move everything to a virtual world.

How Small Business Can Master Social Media

September 29, 2017: Blog, Small Business

Social media is among the most effective ways to drive traffic to your site, engage with potential customers and encourage existing customers to return.

Universal Timekeeping: A Critical Profitability Tool for Lawyers

August 9, 2017: Blog, Legal, Running Your Business

Universal timekeeping is the one and only key that can unlock the power of the six financial indicators outlined in this article. No lawyer or law firm can afford not to make this investment in sustainable profitability and competitive survival.

Time Tracking & Time Management for Lawyers

January 13, 2016: Blog, Legal, Time Management

“Time is a unique resource. It cannot be accumulated like money or stockpiled like raw materials. We are forced to spend it, whether we choose to or not, and at a fixed rate of sixty seconds every minute. It cannot be turned on and off like a machine or replaced like a man. It is […]

Bill4Time Presents: How to Kill It In Social

January 11, 2016: Blog, Events

Bill4Time Presents: How to Kill It In Social A Webinar to help Small Businesses Master Social Media Join us Thursday, January 28 @ 11am PT (2pm ET) : Kristen Kuhns of will help you develop and execute a social media plan for your small business. Kuhns will share how to drive traffic and extend […]

How to Increase Billable Time (and Revenues) for Accountants

January 6, 2016: Accounting, Blog

As an accountant, have you ever stopped to think about how many hours you bill in a year? Or  how many hours you would like to bill in a year? These numbers can be very different. For many reasons, there is often a gap between the number of hours an accountant wants to bill versus […]

CPA Practice Advisor Review of Bill4Time

December 23, 2015: Accounting, Blog, In The News

Best Fit: Professional firms that want cloud-based time and expense management for time and expense tracking and billing, along with mobile apps that simplify daily use. Strengths Integration with QuickBooks, Outlook and Google Apps for Apple and Android devices Online payment acceptance Management at the client, project and activities level Features for accounting and legal […]

7 Tips to Successful Invoicing

One of the most stressful times for a small business of any size is when cash flow grow tight because payments are not being made in a timely manner. Sometimes the answer is how you invoice and your communication with the customer—setting expectations, defining roles and terms—all of which can create barriers in getting paid on […]

Tips to Time Tracking & Billing for Consultants

December 16, 2015: Blog, Small Business

A key to a successful consulting business is accurate and timely billing for services rendered. Accurate, detailed invoices are more likely to get paid faster as the client can understand the information. However, if a consulting firm is not able to create prompt, clear and error-free invoices, clients delay or skip payments, questioning the accuracy of […]