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Tip of the Week: Expense Reports

January 15, 2016: Blog, What's New

Recently we upgraded our Expense reports to organize and add updates. You can group your Expense report by Client, Project, User, Expense Type, and Month. When grouping by Client it will show all expenses billed per start and end date along with the cost and sell price. Grouping by Project will subtotal your expenses per […]

Tip of the Week: How to Create a Cover Letter

A cover letter is a great way to summarize your invoices. If you are on the Pro or Enterprise plan, this feature is ready to use! To setup a Cover Letter, you first want to go to Settings and click on Invoice Setup. From there, you can add a new template or click the clipboard […]

Time Tracking & Time Management for Lawyers

January 13, 2016: Blog, Legal, Time Management

“Time is a unique resource. It cannot be accumulated like money or stockpiled like raw materials. We are forced to spend it, whether we choose to or not, and at a fixed rate of sixty seconds every minute. It cannot be turned on and off like a machine or replaced like a man. It is […]

Bill4Time Presents: How to Kill It In Social

January 11, 2016: Blog, Events

Bill4Time Presents: How to Kill It In Social A Webinar to help Small Businesses Master Social Media Join us Thursday, January 28 @ 11am PT (2pm ET) : Kristen Kuhns of will help you develop and execute a social media plan for your small business. Kuhns will share how to drive traffic and extend […]

Tip of the Week: Applying Discounts & Write-Offs

January 8, 2016: Blog, What's New

Within Bill4Time there are many different ways to discount and write off balances. If you want to save entries and not charge for them you can uncheck your “Billable” box on your time entries. This allows you to save the entries to show the client the amount of hours worked at either $0.00 or No […]

How to Increase Billable Time (and Revenues) for Accountants

January 6, 2016: Accounting, Blog

As an accountant, have you ever stopped to think about how many hours you bill in a year? Or  how many hours you would like to bill in a year? These numbers can be very different. For many reasons, there is often a gap between the number of hours an accountant wants to bill versus […]

CPA Practice Advisor Review of Bill4Time

December 23, 2015: Accounting, Blog, In The News

Best Fit: Professional firms that want cloud-based time and expense management for time and expense tracking and billing, along with mobile apps that simplify daily use. Strengths Integration with QuickBooks, Outlook and Google Apps for Apple and Android devices Online payment acceptance Management at the client, project and activities level Features for accounting and legal […]

7 Tips to Successful Invoicing

One of the most stressful times for a small business of any size is when cash flow grow tight because payments are not being made in a timely manner. Sometimes the answer is how you invoice and your communication with the customer—setting expectations, defining roles and terms—all of which can create barriers in getting paid on […]

Tips to Time Tracking & Billing for Consultants

December 16, 2015: Blog, Small Business

A key to a successful consulting business is accurate and timely billing for services rendered. Accurate, detailed invoices are more likely to get paid faster as the client can understand the information. However, if a consulting firm is not able to create prompt, clear and error-free invoices, clients delay or skip payments, questioning the accuracy of […]

Tip of the Week: How to Set Due Dates

December 11, 2015: Blog, What's New

Within the program you can set Due Dates to your Projects. First, go to Settings – System tab and click the Edit Settings button. From there, check the box next to “Track Project Due Dates” and click Save Changes. On the Project Details page you can setup Due Dates. Then on your Dashboard, click the […]