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Tips for Time Tracking & Billing for Lawyers

August 5, 2015: Blog, Legal

An inevitable part of any law practice is tracking and billing time to clients. Approved bills ensure a steady and timely flow of income to the firm and if there are inaccuracies or other procedural hiccups in the time billing process, revenue is affected and eventually, the firm is placed at risk. Today’s client is […]

Secrets to Successful Invoicing

Many small business owners never really master the art of invoicing. Many find themselves spending hours of time creating and sending invoices, then following up to collect payment. An invoice is a statement you send to a customer that details what work you performed, how much it cost and when your payment is due. Even […]

8 Reasons for Cloud Computing

Cloud computing means that instead of storing software or data on your laptop, a portable hard drive or on a server, your applications and data is stored and managed on the Internet and accessed online. Businesses often use the cloud to store and share data or to access software (called “software as a service” or […]

The Advantages of Accepting Online Payments

June 30, 2015: Blog, Legal, Small Business

Whether or not you sell products or services through your website, you are probably losing a significant amount of business if you don’t accept payments online. Online buyers of products have grown accustomed to paying for purchases immediately and receiving shipments quickly. Now service industries are getting the message and are offering the same convenience, […]

Keeping Your Website Clear of Copyright Issues

There is often much confusion with using images from the web on your website or collateral. Many assume that if it’s on the web, it must be free to use. This isn’t the case as the majority of images are copyright protected. Using these images indiscriminately can get a small business into big trouble with […]

Maximize Revenue with Accurate Time Tracking

June 11, 2015: Blog, Legal, Small Business

Phone calls, emails and other interruptions distract us every day. For many legal professionals, it’s easy to lose track of billable time.

With These Three Best Practices, You’ll Always Get Paid

Professionals have an image to maintain: a cool-headed savoir faire, appropriate dress, impressive office and just the right balance of tech. Asking to get paid doesn’t quite fit the image. We all invest in controlling and improving our professional stance, whether it’s diction courses to improve our speech or reading to stay relevant in a […]

Bill4Time Recognized as an Excellent Timekeeping App for Lawyers

March 8, 2015: Blog, In The News, Legal

Published by Cyber Advocate | March 8 by Brian Focht  Excerpt: Bill4Time (iOS, Android) The Mobile App component of a comprehensive billing and invoicing system, Bill4Time is a complete timekeeping system for small business. With the ability to track everything from time and expenses to client and project information, the invoicing and reporting functions of […]

The Right Way to Fit a Smartphone into Your Professional Life

What’s a workflow? If you think it’s a merely a project management tool, you (and your clients) are missing out on the best version of yourself.

Laptop Life and Working Your Workflow

The professional world begins and ends with tasks and projects. And real professionals know how to create a truly flowing workflow with just a laptop.