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Social Media Marketing – Game-Changer or False Hopes?

June 15, 2012: Blog, Small Business

With the seemingly overnight rise of social media, businesses are doing all they can to hop on the bandwagon. But is it paying off?

Running Your Business Tips – Hiring Employees

June 8, 2012: Blog, Small Business

The time has come! Your business is growing, and you can no longer do it all yourself. Are you ready to be someone else’s boss? How do you even go about hiring someone? Find these answers in our short guide to hiring your first employees.

Tip of the Week: Email Boomerang Effect

June 1, 2012: Blog, Small Business

Email is a notorious time waster. With this simple tip, you can save hours per month that were once wasted on the never-ending exchange of email.

Switching to Software as a Service – Part 2

May 8, 2012: Blog, Small Business

If you’re still not sold on SaaS after last week’s post, then this is for you. We surveyed 50 firms, asking what they believe are the greatest benefits of using SaaS.

Software as a Service: The Convenience and Benefits of Cloud Based Applications

May 4, 2012: Small Business

Is switching to the cloud right for your business? The market is shifting toward Software as a Service (SaaS), and you won’t want to miss your opportunity to switch early. We present you an excerpt from our report, including our point-by-point comparison of SaaS and traditional software.

Why Do Today What You Can Put Off Until Tomorrow?

April 27, 2012: Blog, Small Business

You’ve been putting off that work for a while now, and the deadline is approaching. You’ve known about it for weeks. You just need a little motivation to get the ball rolling. Look no further.

How Law Firms Save Thousands of Dollars on Bookkeeping

April 19, 2012: Blog, Legal, Small Business

Keisha S. Gatison, from the Gatison Law Firm in North Haven, CT, shares with us why she believes Bill4Time is an invaluable asset to her.

6 Tips for Successfully Starting a Business

April 5, 2012: Blog, Small Business

Starting a business is a daunting task for even the bravest entrepreneurs. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, relax – here are some tips to send you in the right direction.

Tip of the Week: How to Achieve Your Maximum Per Day

March 20, 2012: Blog, Small Business, What's New

Bill4Time’s Time Management Tip for Business – The Critical 6-A-Day As a side business owner and mom to a busy family, I use and have come to rely upon this incredible time management tool to get the most out of each day. We introduced this tool to the Bill4Time team and immediately saw an increase in productivity. […]

How Small Law Firms Bill Without a Billing Department

December 6, 2011: Blog, Legal, Small Business

The biggest headache for a small law practice is keeping up with billing without a billing department. This is Cynthia Monaco’s story about how Bill4Time solves this issue.