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Tip of the Week: Bill4Time Auto Text Types

August 14, 2015: Blog, What's New

Bill4Time Auto Text Types assist with the day to day data entry. Auto-text allows you to write abbreviations in your time entry descriptions which will be automatically change to their full text. To customize your list, go to Settings and then your Custom Lists tab. From there you can click to Edit your Auto Text […]

Tip of the Week: Bill4Time Batch Entry

July 31, 2015: Blog, What's New

There are many different ways of adding time and expenses in Bill4Time. But have you ever felt like you had so many entries to enter and just not enough time in the day? With the Batch Entry feature under your Time/Expenses tab, you can quickly save 10 entries at once for any client and project. […]

Tip of the Week: Bill4Time Shortcuts

July 24, 2015: Blog, What's New

Within Bill4Time, there are shortcuts that make navigating from page to page as simple as a few clicks. Starting from the Dashboard, you can quickly add time, view your clients and projects, and even run reports.     Quick Access– Under Recent Projects, you can click the plus icon next to a project to open a […]

Tip of the Week: Bill4Time Multi Timer

July 17, 2015: Blog, What's New

Using timers to track your billable time is a simple and convenient way of capturing your hours. There are many ways to utilize timers in Bill4Time, for example, on a new billable entry and on your mobile or widget applications. What you may not know is that there are many benefits of using the Multi […]

Tip of the Week: Bill4Time Client Portal Link

July 10, 2015: Blog, Small Business, What's New

Do clients visit your website on a regular basis? Do you conduct email marketing on news, events and services you offer? If so, you’ll definitely want to pass this tip to your webmaster and get going as soon as possible. Make online payments accessible – The Federal Reserve reported that by 2014, usage of mobile […]

Tip of the Week: Organizing Your Reports

July 3, 2015: Blog, What's New

Here’s a Pro tip on how to organize your Reporting! If you find yourself generating the same report using the same filters, you can save those filters to your Favorite reports. Once you have generated a report using your preferred filters, click the Save Filters button. Rename the report, select a Date Range, add a custom […]


Tip of the Week: Reporting

June 26, 2015: Blog, What's New

Summary II & How It Can Benefit You! The new Summary II Report generates comprehensive data for time and expense entries, including both billed and non-billable amounts. It can even group by User, Client or Project. The flexible and intuitive report filters allow you to drill into your account and access detailed data. Moreover, with these […]

Anticipate and Answer Questions with this New Feature

Do you need to attach an explanation of fees, payment instructions or a short friendly message to your invoices?

Report Survey Update

The feedback and insight received from the “Report Usage” survey has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you all that participated! Using your survey feedback, our development team has been busy enhancing and optimizing our reporting features. We have compiled three pro-tips along with details on two new reports you may want to look at. Get the […]

Expense Tracking

Snap, Tap, Done – Bill4Time New Expense Tracking Feature

Tracking expenses no longer means a wallet full of receipts. Discover paperless expense tracking with Bill4Time’s newest feature for iPhone, Android, Kindle and Blackberry users.