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December 19, 2012:


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5-stars“I capture more time and can present detailed descriptions of that time for billing purposes.” —Keith Turner, Turner Law Firm5-stars“My motto is: “Be brief, be bright, be gone.” Bill4Time allows my team to work that way with our clients! We provide security services to a broad range of clients and our engineers are on the road non-stop. Bill4Time allows us to immediately and accurately track our time while in the field right on an iPhone. Since implementing this solution, our detailed record keeping has vastly improved. We no longer have a problem with “missing” time entries because time is entered at the time of service while still at the client’s location. In addition, we accurately capture expenses at the time of the expense, and send out our invoices by e-mail with just a few clicks. Bill4Time has immediately paid for itself many times over! It is simple to use (be brief), intuitive (be bright), and gets the job done quickly (be gone)!” —Paul G. Lewis, T & M Protection Resources, L.L.C.

5-stars“Time Tracking – I have been using the Bill4Time app for sometime now and getting my time in without sitting at the computer has been great.” —Steven Chou

5-stars“Before transitioning away from a large firm into my solo law practice, I asked other attorneys for advice on the challenges ahead. Most of them told me that their biggest headache was keeping up with billing without a billing department and a secretary to chase billables to be entered. I acted carefully and read a number of reviews from the ABA and other legal sites before choosing Bill4Time. The iPad application makes all the difference in saving me time and making sure I capture my hours. Yesterday I had a long day in court followed by a drink with colleagues. If I hadn’t logged my hours in via iPad during breaks in the proceedings, I’d have missed much of the detail.” —Cynthia Monaco, Law Offices of Cynthia Monaco

5-stars“What’s to be said about billing software other than it should work? Bill4Time works even when I’m out of the office. They have the mobile apps for when I am away and need to track time. Good product.” —David Finns

5-stars“Very useful. As the owner of a small business, it helps me a lot—tracking time [hours] and recording my daily expenses. Like it!” —Dolores Tobin

5-stars“I have been using Bill4Time for a while now and started using mobile recently. Definitely a time saver.” —Janet D

5-stars“I wasn’t aware that the app worked offline. I was surprised to put my expenses in while on a flight home.” —Brandon Marcellus5-stars

“I love that I can log in from anywhere.” —Anita Chiesa, Law Offices of James D. Rush

5-stars“I can be billing from the beach if I want.” —Dawn Marie Bates-Buchanan, Bates-Buchanan Law Group, P.A.

5-stars“Excellent app…Now easy to make time and expense entries when on the go.” —Paul Richler

5-stars“Totally easy to use, smooth transition for me! Would recommend highly.” —Monica Tuttle

5-stars“Works great—happy user, thanks.” —Desmond Jett

5-stars“I needed a solid billing system. I tried many and finally came across Bill4Time. They had the features I need and more. This software can do it all but I can’t. I needed a little help and the customer service was right there on the phone with me walking me through the software. I didn’t even given them my credit card yet! It’s been eight months now and I couldn’t be happier.” —Adam










Written by Bill4Time Staff

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