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Bootstrapping a Business to Fabricate a Debt Free Company: Steps to Take

November 4, 2011: Blog, Small Business

Guest writer of this post is Marlon Powell who writes on finance related matters such as debt consolidation, settlement and other aspects of handling debts to keep you debt free. Lines of credit, business loans, venture capital and personal loans all exist for those business organizations that need to purchase equipment and inventory, and also […]

Moving to the Cloud – an Informative Commentary

September 21, 2011: Blog, Small Business

Commentary on David Freeman’s article about moving from traditional software to cloud based software. It includes a chart to decide which route is best for you.

Bill4Time – Your Friendly Business Source on Twitter

May 31, 2011: Blog, Small Business

On Twitter, we separate our useful tweets by industry. Keep an eye out for #B4TLaw for legal professionals, #B4TEntr for entrepreneurs, #B4TFreelance for freelancers, #B4TAcc for accountants, and #B4TConsult for consultants!

New Features: Invoicing for Dual Taxation and More

Bill4Time now allows a secondary tax to your invoices. It’s great for our Canadian customers with their Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST). Read further for easy step-by-step instructions on how to access this new feature.

New Features: Report Templates & Budgeting Tool

We have two top new features. Now you can make your own reports using Bill4time’s data! Just make a report and export it as an excel spreadsheet. Plus, keep within your budget with Bill4Time’s latest budget tool!

Stomping Out the Fear to Freelance

April 19, 2010: Blog, Small Business

I just recently read “The Fear of Freelancing: Why You Could Be Hurting Yourself”by Amber Weinberg and it completely floored me. Wow. I could have just merely tweeted about it from the Bill4Time twitter account, but…

System Update – Billable Rates per Activity Type

Bill by activity type! Set the rate and you’re all set! Now every time you track time for that activity, the rate is automatically applied. It’s that simple. This rate over-rides user rate, client rate, and project rate.

Invoicing Software Updates

Now you can easily make multiple invoices for multiple projects under one client. With our invoice updates, you can also include receipt images to your invoices. This adds further accountability to your clients.

A Powerful Way to Navigate the Internet

December 4, 2009: Blog, Small Business

Bill4Time is proud to be part of the Kennedy & Mighell Report by Legal Talk Network. In this episode, they point out the usefulness of thought leaders. These leaders can offer great recommendations for articles and videos.

The Importance of Time

July 14, 2009: Blog, Small Business

Although time is money, lost money can be made again, but lost time is gone forever. Learn how much time you’re missing.