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Tips & Tricks: New Finalize All/Unfinalize Feature

November 12, 2015: Blog, What's New

Time is money, especially when it comes to the time it takes to invoice clients. Now, the invoicing batch process has never been easier! When going through Invoicing, you have the ability to create your monthly batches in one clean sweep. This process gives a much easier way of connecting all invoices in a particular […]

New! Bill4Time Guided Tours

Bill4Time is pleased to share our latest customer tool, the Bill4Time Tour of Features. This new online guided tour is available to every Bill4Time client and offers an interactive adventure for each Bill4Time feature. Maximize your Bill4Time investment by taking a quick tour of the features you use most. Get insight to streamline processes. Learn some […]

New! Bill4Time Launches Enhanced Client Portal

November 3, 2015: Blog, News, What's New

Bill4Time is pleased to release an enhanced client portal. This new full-featured, self-service portal will be rolled out to all Bill4Time clients over the next few weeks. The new Bill4Time client portal lets businesses provide convenient online payment options to clients. Now, businesses can provide even more options in addition to PayPal by connecting with Stripe. […]

Tip of the Week: Organization

October 30, 2015: Blog, What's New

In Bill4Time you are able to organize your Clients, Projects, Time, Expenses, and more with the customizable Types. For Admins, you can setup these Types under your Settings – Custom Lists tab. There are multiple Types to choose from including Billable Activity Types and Expense Types which will categorize your Time and Expenses and allow […]

New Bill4Time Multi-Select Reporting Feature

October 9, 2015: Blog, What's New

Take your reporting to the next level with the new Bill4Time Multi-Select feature! On Monday, October 19, you can say goodbye to running reports for separate clients and hello to simplification. With this new feature, you will be able to select multiple Clients, Projects, Users and Account Managers when running any of your reports. In addition, you […]

Tip of the Week: Mnemonics & Customization

Within your Bill4Time plan you can customize the types of wording and phrases to suit the needs of your company. If you go to Settings – System tab you can edit the settings to view and edit your Mnemonics. Your Project Mnemonic can be changed from Project to Matters, Cases, Tickets, or whatever terminology you […]

Tip of the Week: How to Setup Flat Fees

October 2, 2015: Blog, What's New

Within the program there are multiple ways to setup Flat Fees depending on the scenario you have. Say for example you want to bill a flat fee once for services along with hourly work. You can open a new time entry and change the Entry Type from Hourly Work to Flat Fee work. This allows […]

Tip of the Week: Tired of Repetitive Tasks?

September 18, 2015: Blog, What's New

Duplicating Entries, Expenses & Payments Do you ever find yourself entering the same time entry details over and over again? Within Bill4Time, you can duplicate any time, expense, internal time or payment that was previously saved. When you add a new time entry in the program, you have your three main saving options—Save & Duplicate, […]

Tip of the Week: Applying Payments

September 11, 2015: Blog, What's New

Bill4Time provides multiple ways to receive and apply payments. With these few tips, you can find which option best suites your needs! Under Accounting, you have the ability to receive payment and apply the payment to invoices. Even though it is not required to apply payments to invoices, it will help pull the accurate totals on […]

Tip of the Week: Data Back-up

September 4, 2015: Blog, What's New

Cloud-based software has dramatically increased in popularity due to the anytime accessibility of data. But enhanced accessibility does present concerns. As Bill4Time is cloud based, we can alleviate any concern over data availability. The data stored in Bill4Time can be fully backed up at any point. This ensures peace of mind and can also be extremely helpful when […]