Release Notes: June 2017

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June 2, 2017:

The Bill4Time product team releases new and enhanced features, system improvements, and bug fixes several times per week. Organized by month, the Release Notes blog series will highlight all the changes we’ve implemented, so you can easily stay up-to-date on what’s new. If you have a question, feedback, or an idea – please leave a comment below!


Take a look at what we’ve released this June:


Updated 6/29/2017

Payments Applied Report – We’ve implemented a new toggle option that will exclude Balance Adjustment – Credit transactions from the report output.

iOS Mobile App Update – A new version of the Bill4Time mobile app was released today.

(v 2.3.19)

  • Image Uploads from the Photo Gallery – We have resolved an issue where images uploaded to the B4T app from the Photo Gallery were being cropped. The full size images are now being attached and synced to the system.
  • Expense Quantity Calculation – We’ve implemented a feature for mobile expense entries where users can define a Quantity of units (like the number of miles traveled, or the number of pages photocopied). This functionality parallels that which is found on the website.
  • Expense Type Unit Price Defaults – We’ve Implemented a new Unit Price feature for mobile expense entries where users can define a Unit Price per unit (like the price per mile, or cost per photocopied page). This functionality observes the defaults setup within the Custom Expense Types list, yet can be overridden to make a one-off expense entry.
  • Project Creation – We have resolved a bug affecting a small number of users where Projects could not be created from within the mobile app. This is now resolved for all users and all devices.
  • ABA Activity, Task, and Expense Codes – We’ve updated the ABA code defaults within the mobile app so that Clients using ABA codes do not allow for the selection of a non-ABA code type to be saved to an entry. Previously, users could override the ABA codes with a standard code type.
  • Flat Fee Rate Display – We have resolved a display-only issue where only the first number of a flat fee rate amount would display. The app will now display the full integer in all scenarios.


Updated 6/27/2017

New Public API beta Integration – Bill4Time has released the API beta feature that supports get/read operations from Bill4Time to other applications. The largest benefit of implementing an API to organizations is the significant decrease in internal costs by eliminating the need for employees to re-enter data that is already captured by Bill4Time. Simply put, this interface allows programmers to develop applications that communicate with an existing application or service to automate the flow of data and manual data entry.

Click Here for documentation and instructions!


Invoice Report with Expenses Report Update – We have implemented a new ‘Group By’ filter within this report, and added an option for per-client groupings. This report also now includes a new option for showing totals for each grouping.

Verify Entries Before Billing – No core functionality change, but we have streamlined this process and implemented improvements to the code in an effort to improve the user experience with this feature (and hopefully cut down on extra clicks!).


Updated 6/22/2017

Custom Invoice Numbers by Batch – We’ve implemented a change to how invoice numbers are customized when the External Accounting setting is enabled. You may now update the invoice numbers of an entire batch, at once, directly from the Invoice Batch screen. This change only affects accounts with the External Accounting setting enabled.

Deleting Expense Attachments – We have resolved a bug where an attachment to an expense entry could not be deleted when the Quantity field was utilized. One is now able to freely delete attachments without making an adjustment to other fields on the entry form.

Account Data Export – We’ve updated the data export feature to include greater detail. We’ve implemented new columns on multiple tables for the internal ID numbers of Clients, Projects, and Invoices.


Updated 6/20/2017

General Styling Changes – We have added some polish to the look and feel of the Bill4time System. No major functionality changes, but we have updated the layout of various forms and buttons to make them easier to read and access.

Opening Stored Files – We’ve resolved a bug affecting a small number of users where files uploaded to the program could not be opened due to brackets ‘[,]’ appearing  in the filename. This issue is now resolved for all users and all files; brackets are permitted characters in filenames.


Updated 6/15/2017

Activity Type Report Group by Task or Activity – We have implemented a new grouping option in this report that allows you to toggle between grouping by Activity Code or Task Code.

Opening Client from within Project – We have updated the client-name link within the Project Details tab so that it opens to the Client’s details when directly clicking the link and when opening it in a new tab or window.


Updated 6/13/2017

Expense Report Group by Date – Recently, we updated the Expense Report to include a new ‘Group by Date’ feature. Now, when the “Show & Order by Created Date” option is enabled, the by-date groupings will be by the Created Date instead of the Expense Date.

Collections Report Excel Format Export – We’ve resolved a bug where running the report by Account Manager and exporting to Excel was causing display-only formatting issues within this report.

Invoice Email Custom Sender Address – We have restored a functionality that allows for a custom ‘From’ address when sending Invoice Emails out of the program. Users are now able to type in a custom sender address when preparing their Invoice Emails.

Invoice Order when Applying Payments – We have restored the order in which outstanding invoices appear when applying payments and credits. These invoices will now appear chronologically instead of by ID number.


Updated 6/8/2017

Activity Type Report Update – We have implemented two new optional columns within this report that detail the ABA Task and Activity codes used with your work entries. These columns can be enabled by checking off the boxes found under the Advanced Filters.

Billing Contact Fields Update – We have increased the character limit on the Billing Contact field as to accommodate multiple email addresses.

Custom Sender Address on Invoice Emails – Based on the feedback of our users, we have restored a functionality that allows for a custom sender address when emailing invoices out of the program.


Updated 6/6/2017

Client Project Creation Report Update – We have made a change to this report to include a new grouping option. You may now group Clients and Projects that were created within the same month. Updated 6/20/17 – When grouping by month, this report now subtotals the clients/projects created that month in the section heading!

Payments Applied Report Update – We have implemented a new filter within this report that allows you to filter by Payment Method. This change allows you to better realize how different methods of payment are applied to billed balances.

Payments Received Report Update – We have implemented new optional column that allows you to display if a payment is currently applied to any invoices. This checkbox option can be enabled from within the Advanced Filters of this report.

Preview Invoice Template – We are thrilled to announce some much desired changes to the Invoice Template Preview feature. This tab will now more closely match your specific content selections and the design layout as well.

Applying Payments Bug Fix – We have resolved an issue, which was affecting a small number of users, where payments were unable to be applied without saving the transaction first. This is now resolved for all users

Client IDs within Statements – We have updated the column for Client ID within Statements. Users with custom alphanumeric Client IDs will now see these custom ID numbers in the appropriate column when generating statements.



Updated 6/2/2017

New Expense Deletion Icon – We have implemented a small change the Expense Entry form. Now, when deleting an expense attachment, instead of clicking the work ‘delete’ the user would click the “X” icon. There is no functionality change here, just bring the styling into alignment with the rest of the system.

Flat Fee Projects with Billable Hours – Users are now able to add billable hourly entries to their Flat Fee – One Time projects, by simply checking the box for billable when they go to create this entry.

Applying Adjustments to Invoices – We have resolved a bug affecting a small number of users that prevented them from successfully applying adjustments to their invoices.

Custom Lists Popup Formatting – We’ve implemented a change to the Custom Lists popups to make them bigger, more easily navigable, and to show more information on screen without having to scroll down the page.

Client Project Creation Report Update – We have made a change to this report so that Clients and Projects with custom IDs will now have that custom ID displayed within the report.



Question or comment about a change we’ve made?
Please contact Bill4Time Support by Email or phone: 877-245-5484


This post will be periodically updated throughout the month to reflect new releases.

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Written by Patrick Vernallis

Patrick Vernallis

Patrick is a Software Quality Assurance Analyst at Bill4Time. He collaborates with a team of developers and other colleagues to help Bill4Time users achieve success through streamlined processes for time tracking, invoicing, and payments.

5 responses to “Release Notes: June 2017”

  1. Alan sbarsky says:

    I spend a lot of time manually copying client invoice details from credit card statement spreadsheets into Bill4Time invoices – I would love to be able to feed a formattted spreadsheet into Bill4Time and have it update the invoices for me – I could easily supply invoice numbers as a spreadsheet column – everything else is there – date, amount, description, expense type

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  3. Mike Williams says:

    I use macros to parse the export data before importing into my billing DB. Adding fields was unexpected and was a little disruptive. When you add fields can’t they go at the end? I can’t imagine I am the only person doing this.

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