Release Notes: September 2017

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September 5, 2017:

The Bill4Time product team releases new and enhanced features, system improvements, and bug fixes several times per week. Organized by month, the Release Notes blog series will highlight all the changes we’ve implemented, so you can easily stay up-to-date on what’s new. If you have a question, feedback, or an idea – please leave a comment below!


Take a look at what we’ve released this September:


Updated 09/22/2017

ACH Payments Alpha – We have officially closed the BETA testing phase of our ACH features. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback and helped us iron out any issues. The ACH Payments feature is now a full Alpha feature and full details are available here. 


Updated 09/21/2017

Time Entry Report Update – We have implemented a new filter within the Time Entry Report that allows you to filter for the Paid or Unpaid status of the entry.

Batch Trust Payments – Our developers have updated the cascade of default accounts listed when entering a trust payment by batch. Previously, the system would allow for any matter’s account to be selected, but going forward only accounts associated with the specific matters on the invoice will be available to select from.

Update Payment Method – We have streamlined the process for updating the Credit Card you keep on file with Bill4Time. As we more closely integrate with Stripe, we’ve implemented their form-entry for entering in your CC info.


Updated 09/20/2017

ECheck Payment Method – A new payment type called ‘ECheck’ is now available system. This new type functions similarly to our other types, in that it can be selected for analysis when running reports and when reading the API, etc.


Updated 09/19/2017

Professional Template Logos – We’ve updated the system to allow for larger logos (up to 6.5in) on the Professional Template design layout. This also includes an update to the header text formatting so that when using a larger logo, the company name and address are still formatted clearly.

LEDES Timekeeper Classifications – We have updated our list of Timekeeper Classifications to bring them into alignment with the LOC Revised Timekeeper Classification Codes. 


Updated 09/14/2017

Receipt Attachment  Orientation – We’ve resolved an issue affecting certain kinds of file types where the image was rotated 90 degrees upon its upload. This bug has now been resolved for previously affected images, and going forward.

Monthly Productivity Report Activity – We have implemented a new default filter option within the Monthly Productivity report. When running this report, by default users without any activity will not appear in the report. If you would like these users to appear, simply check the box for “Include Users with No Activity” and rerun the report to generate a version with these users added.

Unbilled Summary Report – Our developers have created an entirely new report that pulls only the unbilled time for review. This report generates in a format similar to the other summary reports, with similar filter options a table layout.


Updated 09/12/2017

Case Closing Settlement Entry – We have resolved a bug where the system would allow for more than one Case Closing Settlement entry to be created. We have updated the system to allow for only one entry within a project to use that particular entry type label. While this bug did not impact billing, we expect this added clarity will improve the user experience as it relates to engagement tracking and report analytics.

Client User Rate Report Update – We’ve fixed a bug where additional rows were added to this report in some instances, and were showing duplicative information for disabled users. The report will now show only one instance of a user’s rate at each rate level.


Updated 09/07/2017

Default Header Formatting – We have resolved an issue where the company header text was formatting the State on its own separate line. This has now been updated and resolved for all affected invoices.


Updated 09/05/2017

Non-Alphanumeric Characters in Conflict Checker – We have updated the Conflict Checker feature to allow search terms to include non alphanumeric characters.

Subscription Quick Link – We’ve improved access to details about your Bill4Time Subscription. Users with access to Account Settings will now have a ‘Subscription’ option when they click on their name in the upper right corner of the page.




Written by Patrick Vernallis

Patrick Vernallis

Patrick is a Technical Analyst at Bill4Time. He collaborates with a team of developers and other colleagues to help Bill4Time users achieve success through streamlined processes for time tracking, invoicing, and payments.

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