Tip of the Week: Bill4Time Shortcuts

Written by Kristin O'Neill in Blog, What's New
July 24, 2015:

Within Bill4Time, there are shortcuts that make navigating from page to page as simple as a few clicks. Starting from the Dashboard, you can quickly add time, view your clients and projects, and even run reports.
Quick Access– Under Recent Projects, you can click the plus icon next to a project to open a new time entry that completes the Client and Project for you. You can also click the Client or Project name from this widget which will automatically bring up that account.

shortcuts 1

Easy Customization– You can customize your Dashboard by clicking the gear icon next to Add Expense.



Widgets– You can then add  your Favorite Reports widget. Any reports you have customized will be shown right on your Dashboard. Once you click the favorite report, it will open on your screen and run automatically.



There are more hidden shortcuts in Bill4Time so a quick rule to follow is if you notice any text written in blue writing—click it. Odds are you’ll find your next favorite short cut!

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Written by Kristin O’Neill

Kristin O'Neill

Kristin is the Director of Customer Success of Bill4Time products. She manages a team of product specialists that help clients achieve success through streamlined processes for time tracking, invoicing and payments.

One response to “Tip of the Week: Bill4Time Shortcuts”

  1. Jordan says:

    Great tips here! Programs like bill4time can be very helpful, but confusing when you’re first trying it out. It’s good that there’s resources out there for learning shortcuts like this!

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