What’s New With Mobile?

Written by Patrick Vernallis in Blog
July 19, 2017:

Your smartphone can do more than just receive calls, answer emails or keep you up-to-date with friends on Facebook. It can help you better manage time, respond to clients, share work related documents, manage projects and more. The Bill4Time Mobile App was built with your business in mind! The latest version of the app has taken mobile time-tracking to a new level by introducing some great new features as well as improving on the actions you take most when you do your everyday tracking.


New Features:

  • Mobile Login Trackingbeta – We’ve enabled login-tracking for mobile app users. Whenever a user makes a login attempt via mobile app, this attempt is recorded under the Login History tab within your account settings.
  • Expense Unit Quantity – We have implemented a new functionality that allows the user to define the number of units used to calculate the price of an Expense. This feature would allow you to easily track, for example, the number of miles traveled or the number of photocopies made against the Unit Rate (see below).
  • Expense Unit Rate – This feature observes the default Unit Price configured for each Expense Type, or allows the user to define a one-off per-unit price. This feature allows you to quickly enter just the number of miles traveled or photocopies made and then calculates the default Unit Price against the Unit Quantity. This is really handy for standardized expenses like a court filing fee, daily parking rate, mileage rates, photocopies, and more!

Improved Features:

  •  ABA Codes – We’ve enabled the ABA code-set to appear for Clients with this setting configuration. This will allow you to track your time and expense entries and include an ABA code directly via mobile.
  • Enhanced Image Upload – We have implemented a new protocol for uploading images to the Bill4Time Mobile App. All images now upload in their original size and resolution, resolving a previous issue where in some instances image quality and size may have been scaled down.
  • Third-party PDF Viewer – Based on user feedback, we’ve implemented changes to improve the process for opening an invoice PDF using a third-party app.


Bill4Time has you and your business covered on-and-offline. Bill4Time mobile works even when you’re offline and automatically syncs once an internet connection is available. Leverage your iPad, iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry device anytime. Whether you’re in the office or on the go, Bill4Time keeps you connected!


Written by Patrick Vernallis

Patrick Vernallis

Patrick is a Software Quality Assurance Analyst at Bill4Time. He collaborates with a team of developers and other colleagues to help Bill4Time users achieve success through streamlined processes for time tracking, invoicing, and payments.

3 responses to “What’s New With Mobile?”

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  2. Matt says:

    I am amazed that you keep updating the software with less than important features but don’t fix basics like letting us send bills for any client with an unpaid balance. “bill4time” but I can’t keep billing unpaid account balances That’s a huge defect in bill4time

    • Hello Matt,

      There are a couple ways to issue or reissue a past due bill to your clients. You can resend the existing outstanding bill, issue a new invoice that reflects a prior unpaid balance, or issue a statement to your client. Please reach out to Support again if you have any questions about accomplishing this task!

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