Heartbleed Bug Update: No Risk

April 10, 2014: News

You now may have heard about the HeartBleed Bug. This is a serious vulnerability to internet security and only affects systems protected by OpenSSL. 



You don’t have to be tied to a single device that has your software on it. All you need is a web connection to access the cloud. From set up to security, and a few in-between, we acknowledge 4 advantages of cloud based time billing with Bill4Time that you may or may not have known. Ease [...]

BIll4Time has integrated with Box.

Bill4Time Integrates with Box!

December 3, 2013: News, System Updates

We’re excited to announce our integration with Box, a leading cloud-based content storage provider. Customers who use box to store their document files will now be able to easily access their content from their Bill4Time account. 

Your Accounting Tab Just Got Faster!

October 24, 2013: System Updates

Bill4Time is a heavily used software – some of our customers have over 1,000 invoices assigned to one client! Thousands of people depend on us each day, so we’re always making improvements to make the Bill4Time experience even better. We’ve recently made some updates to our server to boost the performance of Bill4Time. You should [...]


You’re a professional – 4 Tips to Invoice like one.

September 26, 2013: Running Your Business

Invoicing is an important part of your business. Not only is it how you collect payment for your services, but it’s also another form of communication between you and your client. How you present yourself before, during and after a transaction all reflect your level of professionalism. Poor billing practices can lead to a lack of [...]


3 Keys of Customer Service

July 25, 2013: Running Your Business

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C, large Fortune 500 Company or a small startup, one thing remains the same – good customer service is key and can ultimately make or break your business. In today’s digital age, sites like Yelp, Angie’s List and Google Reviews, make it easy for customers to share their experiences.  And [...]

Time Tracking on the iPad

Time Billing Just Got Easier – Bill4Time for iPad is Here!

June 14, 2013: System Updates

We’re excited to announce that Bill4Time for iPad is now available in the iTunes App store! We’ve made it even easier for you to stay connected and productive no matter where you are. Bill4Time for iPad allows you to manage your time and clients on the go.  Here is just some of what you can [...]

B4T logo

Bill4Time? There Are Several Apps For That.

March 5, 2013: System Updates

Bill4Time Desktop has a slick, new look that you’re gonna love. But aesthetics are only one of many changes. We’ve added a handful of new features to make your time billing experience as intuitive and smooth as ever. And, Bill4Time Desktop comes in many forms: the standalone application, the Google Chrome app, the Android tablet app, and the soon-to-be-released iPad app. No matter your preferred platform, Bill4Time is there for you.

Saving Clicks

Flat Fee Projects Just Got Easier

February 15, 2013: System Updates

When it comes to invoicing a flat fee project, often the time entries are solely a method of tracking your progress internally. There’s no need for your client to see them as they don’t affect the final price. To save you the tedium of manually hiding each time entry, we have now made it a one-click operation.

Pocket Watch

Bill4Time: Now Saving You Even More Time!

February 8, 2013: System Updates

Your time is valuable. And here at Bill4Time, we know a thing or two about the importance of time management. We’ve got an update that is going to save you a significant amount of time. Time and time again.