Tip of the Week: Organizing Your Reports

July 3, 2015: Blog, What's New

Here’s a Pro tip on how to organize your Reporting! If you find yourself generating the same report using the same filters, you can save those filters to your Favorite reports. Once you have generated a report using your preferred filters, click the Save Filters button. Rename the report, select a Date Range, add a custom […]


The Advantages of Accepting Online Payments

June 30, 2015: Blog, Legal, Small Business

Whether or not you sell products or services through your website, you are probably losing a significant amount of business if you don’t accept payments online. Online buyers of products have grown accustomed to paying for purchases immediately and receiving shipments quickly. Now service industries are getting the message and are offering the same convenience, […]


Tip of the Week: Reporting

June 26, 2015: Blog, What's New

Summary II & How It Can Benefit You! The new Summary II Report generates comprehensive data for time and expense entries, including both billed and non-billable amounts. It can even group by User, Client or Project. The flexible and intuitive report filters allow you to drill into your account and access detailed data. Moreover, with these […]


Bill4Time Prime Time: Billing, Invoicing & Accounting

June 25, 2015: Blog, Events

Billing, Invoicing & Accounting Webinar—June 30 Join a Bill4Time product specialist to learn to quickly and accurately bill time to clients and projects. Create an invoice and easily apply payments to the account. See how easy it is to accurately bill, invoice and create an accounting process that isn’t a lot of work, but instead, works for you. […]

Copyright rights

Keeping Your Website Clear of Copyright Issues

There is often much confusion with using images from the web on your website or collateral. Many assume that if it’s on the web, it must be free to use. This isn’t the case as the majority of images are copyright protected. Using these images indiscriminately can get a small business into big trouble with […]


Bill4Time Prime Time: Simply Billing

June 19, 2015: Blog, Events

Simply Billing Webinar—June 25 Fast and accurate billing frees up your time so you can do what you do best. Learn to master Bill4Time billing in this informative webinar. View a live demonstration followed by a 30-minute Q&A session.  Join us on June 25 at 11am PT/2pm ET. Register today! A Bill4Time product specialist will share how to easily: Set […]


Maximize Revenue with Accurate Time Tracking

June 11, 2015: Blog, Legal, Small Business

Phone calls, emails and other interruptions distract us every day. For many legal professionals, it’s easy to lose track of billable time.


Anticipate and Answer Questions with this New Feature

Do you need to attach an explanation of fees, payment instructions or a short friendly message to your invoices?


Report Survey Update

The feedback and insight received from the “Report Usage” survey has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you all that participated! Using your survey feedback, our development team has been busy enhancing and optimizing our reporting features. We have compiled three pro-tips along with details on two new reports you may want to look at. Get the […]


With These Three Best Practices, You’ll Always Get Paid

Professionals have an image to maintain: a cool-headed savoir faire, appropriate dress, impressive office and just the right balance of tech. Asking to get paid doesn’t quite fit the image. We all invest in controlling and improving our professional stance, whether it’s diction courses to improve our speech or reading to stay relevant in a […]

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