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Written by Cherie Wentz Blehm in Blog, What's New
November 30, 2015:


Do you have a friend or colleague with a business management system that’s Kryptonite? Instead of making your friend’s life easier, it drains the business by being too complicated or lacks the feature set needed to really run a business? Then come to the rescue. Be a super hero and share the power of Bill4Time.

Just refer-a-friend to Bill4Time. Your friend will get a 30-day trial, plus an extra 30 days free upon account activation.* And, because you are such a super hero, you’ll get a month free, too!*

Simply go to and enter your Bill4Time logon email. Then enter your friend’s email address. Press “Share.” That’s it. You can be a caped crusader and save the day in less than a minute.

Fine print: You and your friend get a month of Bill4Time (up to a $50 value) upon activation of the friend’s account. Feel the power. Share the power of Bill4Time.

Written by Cherie Wentz Blehm

Cherie Wentz Blehm

Experienced marketer, media relations matchmaker and storyteller with experience in technology, healthcare and manufacturing sectors. Avid blogger, with topics focusing on leveraging new technologies to solving every day issues faced by business.

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