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November 30, 2015:


Do you have a friend or colleague with a business management system that’s Kryptonite? Instead of making your friend’s life easier, it drains the business by being too complicated or lacks the feature set needed to really run a business? Then come to the rescue. Be a super hero and share the power of Bill4Time.

Just refer-a-friend to Bill4Time. Your friend will get a 30-day trial, plus an extra 30 days free upon account activation.* And, because you are such a super hero, you’ll get a month free, too!*

Simply go to and enter your Bill4Time logon email. Then enter your friend’s email address. Press “Share.” That’s it. You can be a caped crusader and save the day in less than a minute.

Fine print: You and your friend get a month of Bill4Time (up to a $50 value) upon activation of the friend’s account. Feel the power. Share the power of Bill4Time.

Written by Bill4Time Staff

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