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4 Leadership Qualities that Peers Admire

August 13, 2018: Blog, Running Your Business

  What makes a leader great? It sounds like a simple question, but it’s one that’s difficult for many to answer objectively. Collective wisdom says great leaders are important. Why then, is greatness so difficult to pin down? It actually isn’t. It’s simply something we don’t know that we know. It’s difficult to put into […]


How to Disconnect From the Firm and Be Present with Your Family

August 1, 2018: Blog, Legal, Running Your Business

  It snuck up on us. The expectations around work, the ones we’re used to, have changed. The phrase 9 to 5 is viewed as old-fashioned and outdated. A lawyer’s family is expected to wait.  Our friends and loved ones are supposed to take what they can get. This sounds wrong. It is wrong. Does […]


3 Organizational Leadership Strategies For Your Firm

July 19, 2018: Blog, Running Your Business

  It’s 2015.   Scott Barshay, an M&A lawyer with the very prestigious Cravath, Swaine & Moore has just had his best year. He’s just generated $100 million in fees for his firm. Four months later he quit his job. Barshay left Cravath, the only firm he had ever worked with, to join a rival […]

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5 Affordable Bookkeeping Software Solutions for Law Firms

  Whether you’re running a virtual law firm or a brick & mortar location, you need a bookkeeping software solution that can help you conduct the following: Better understand the amount of money coming in as well the expenses it takes to keep your firm going. Have your colleagues and associates access important information whenever […]


How to Avoid Feeling Like You’re Only Productive on Nights and Weekends

  Attorneys are working harder than ever. Expectations around workweek productivity were high to begin with. Thanks to the Great Associate Pay Raise of 2016, attorneys are now working more hours. Sure attorneys are making more money. But that salary increase comes at a cost. As salaries and bonuses rise, so do billable targets. Attorneys […]

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5 Tasks That Every Lawyer Should Automate

  Automation is an ever-growing topic among workforces all over, and the legal industry needs to follow suit in order to reap the benefits of: Saving time – Automation tools work to handle certain tasks for you, so you don’t have to spend extra time doing it yourself. Cutting down on human error – Using […]

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7 Software Tools That Are Essential For Every Virtual Law Firm

  A crucial part of running a virtual law firm is ensuring that you’re efficiently using the software tools that can take care of the miscellaneous tasks which take up an unnecessary amount of time. That way,  you can focus on what really matters, providing your clients with a great service. With that said, when […]

Why Remote Work Will Help Your Law Firm In Ways You Never Imagined

June 19, 2018: Blog, Running Your Business

  The amount of remote workers has steadily been increasing over the years now and there’s no reason why the legal industry can’t also follow suit. As shown in the below graph from     Remote work has the potential to help law firms deliver better service to their clients by: Improving the productivity […]


How to Launch a Virtual Law Firm

  You’re ready to start your own firm. Here’s the problem. You don’t have the resources you need to build a large brick and mortar law firm from scratch.  The good news? You don’t need a large nest egg to strike out on your own. A virtual law firm could be just the thing you […]

Law Firm Website Feature Image

What Should You Include On Your Law Firm’s Website?

  Is your law firm website exceptional? A-player firms treat their website like the rainmaker it is. A powerful marketing tool that sets them apart from the rest of their industry. What about yours? The experience for most law firms is pretty standard. They contact an agency or designer to develop their website. They pay […]