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What Should You Include On Your Law Firm’s Website?

  Is your law firm website exceptional? A-player firms treat their website like the rainmaker it is. A powerful marketing tool that sets them apart from the rest of their industry. What about yours? The experience for most law firms is pretty standard. They contact an agency or designer to develop their website. They pay […]


5 Practical Steps for Establishing Your Law Practice

  As a lawyer, you’re indispensable. Your clients don’t always see it that way though. What’s worse, clients often do their best to avoid attorneys for as long as they can. Which makes establishing your law practice difficult. Deep down, clients understand your value. A lawyer is a necessary savior, a protector that solves very […]


Best Practices For Implementing a New Software Solution For Your Firm

April 25, 2018: Blog, Running Your Business

You’ve done it. You’ve purchased a brand new piece of software. The software solution to your recurring accounting problem. You’ve watched the webinars and product demos. You know what this piece of legal software can do for your firm. So, why aren’t you using it? It wasn’t cheap. You spent a considerable amount of money […]

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Local Search for Lawyers: How Online Visibility Leads to Clients

March 30, 2018: Blog, Legal, Running Your Business

What exactly is local content and why is it so important? Your local content tells people and search engines what your business or service is all about. That’s incredibly important because this gives Google the tools it needs to rank lawyers appropriately.

Building a Better Law Firm

December 18, 2017: Blog, Legal, Running Your Business

A legal invoice is a reflection of your professionalism: “We take pride in the fact that, even though we’re small, Bill4Time brings legitimacy to our firm since our invoices are every bit as detailed and professional as our larger competitors.”

How to Avoid and Prevent a Billing Dispute

November 16, 2017: Blog, Legal, Running Your Business

The best advice: Understand the root cause of client billing disputes, and then develop proactive strategies and procedures to avoid them in the first place.

How To Go Paperless

October 17, 2017: Blog, Running Your Business

These days, everyone talks about having a paperless office. It’s a laudable goal. Your documents are secure, your office less cluttered, your files easier to get to, and it can really increase your productivity. However, a lot of friction can arise when you are trying to move everything to a virtual world.

Universal Timekeeping: A Critical Profitability Tool for Lawyers

August 9, 2017: Blog, Legal, Running Your Business

Universal timekeeping is the one and only key that can unlock the power of the six financial indicators outlined in this article. No lawyer or law firm can afford not to make this investment in sustainable profitability and competitive survival.

Getting Paid What You’re Worth: Why Time Tracking is Essential to Understanding Your Productivity

As a lawyer with extensive education and training, you are entitled to be paid what you’re worth. But what are you worth? Getting the most out of your time and accurately tracking the time you spend working on cases will ultimately give the most return on your investment (of time).

Future Proof Your Law Firm

Your firm’s financial success often depends on your ability to use technology in pursuit of lowering costs, reducing waste, and avoiding unneeded expenses. Understanding how and when to use emerging legal technology is as important as keeping current in case law.