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March 20, 2012:

Bill4Time’s Time Management Tip for Business – The Critical 6-A-Day

As a side business owner and mom to a busy family, I use and have come to rely upon this incredible time management tool to get the most out of each day. We introduced this tool to the Bill4Time team and immediately saw an increase in productivity.

The Critical 6-A-Day, also known as Ivey Lee’s Critical 6 A Day – is said to be a formula for practical magic that changes lives. It is an old tool that was introduced in the 1930’s to Charles M Schwab, President of Bethlehem Steel, by Ivey Lee. Bethlehem Steel’s challenge was increasing productivity. Employees knew what they were supposed to be doing but the problem was getting them to do it. Ivey Lee introduced his idea as a way to become more efficient and told Charles M. Schwab to try it for 21 days.

The 6-A-Day Tool:

  • On the night before or the morning of, write down the 6 most important objectives to achieve that day.
  • Write them in order of importance. This list of action items becomes your list for that day.
  • Work through the list. Do not proceed to #2 until #1 is completed.
  • Whatever is not finished rolls over to the first item the next day and so forth.

Ivey Lee told Charles M. Schwab to use the tool for 21 days and to send  him a check for whatever he thought it was worth. A month later, Ivey Lee received a check for $25K with a note saying: “That is the most powerful tool for achievement that anyone has ever taught me and here is a fraction of what it is worth.” Bethlehem Steel went on to become the largest steel producer in the US within 5 years. Charles M. Schwab became the most powerful steel man alive earning millions of dollars on his own when the average income was $2 per day.

Many famous powerful business people attribute their success to this technique.  I originally learned of this technique in the book “Harmonic Wealth” by James Arthur Ray” found on Amazon.com and also on www.ReferenceForBusiness.com.

Give it a try!

Share your own success stories and other time management strategies in the comments below.


Written by Bill4Time Staff

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