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January 27, 2010:

As an invoicing software company, more invoicing flexibility has been an in-demand feature that our development team has been working on for quite some time. Although they are still working on it, they’re soon coming to a point where you can already benefit from their ongoing development.

Extra Invoice Layouts

In a short time, you will see an extra feature in your invoice setup. You will have other invoice layouts to choose from. All layouts will contain the same information, including company logo and contact information. However, you can now choose which one best fits the needs of your company and your client. Any of the layouts can be applied to a specific client or used as the default.

Invoice Detail Columns on the Client Level

Just like in the Firm/System Settings’ Invoice Setup, you will be able to decide how detailed you want your invoice to report: date of service, hours, services by, rate, activity type, amount, service summary, and labor start/end time. This is particularly useful when one client wants a more detailed invoice than another client.

Future Invoicing Software Features

There will be more invoicing features to come. This is just the first ones amongst many this year. Expect more invoice layouts, image options for the header/footer, and font styles. We’re looking forward to future ones and will keep you informed when they soon are ready for the public.

Your Feedback

We’re releasing the new invoice layouts in batches. If you would like to be in the first batches, just let us know in the comments. Have any layouts you’d like to see in the future? Let us know at ideas.bill4time.com or in the comments of this blog post.

Written by Bill4Time Staff

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