What will You do with all this Free Space?

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August 18, 2014:

You’re a clever, educated professional, full of confidence and charm. So why are you testing the strength of your deodorant by worrying that your team didn’t bring that PDF the client emailed last Thursday?

You use Bill4Time to track your billable hours. Did you know you can also use it to keep track of documents, too? Whether you’re a first-time user or an old Bill4Timer, your account includes access to secure online storage for your digital files. Even better, it’s organized. Upload documents either to your client’s tab or to a project to turn Bill4Time into a centralized hub of resources and collaboration for your team.


Keep your phone or in-person conversations relevant by pulling up any project documents on the fly from your laptop. Share documents with your team, and even mark notes in the client tab. Work from one document so that you and your team can stay literally on the same page.

No more searching for a file only to discover it’s in something called “New Folder” on your already crowded desktop. No more scrolling for email attachments during a trial or meeting. Instead, it’s all right in Bill4Time and available to you from any Internet-connected device.

Oh, hey, did you remember that one PDF the client sent last Thursday? Even if you didn’t, Bill4Time will.

Already have a Box account?

You can easily integrate your accounts, giving you easy, simple access to your Box documents right from your Bill4Time tabs.

VIDEO: how to link your Box account

Written by Youssef Sleiman

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