How Law Firms Save Thousands of Dollars on Bookkeeping

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April 19, 2012:

Customer story from Keisha S. Gatison, from the Gatison Law FirmNorth Haven, CT:

I am a solo-practitioner with a small practice in Connecticut. This state has enacted very specific rules with regard to trust accounting for attorneys. Prior to using Bill4Time, I hired a bookkeeper to maintain my accounting records and what is called a “Three-Point Reconciliation,” required by all attorneys in the state of Connecticut.

As a solo-practitioner, it is imperative that I monitor and mitigate the amount of costs spent on services. After careful contemplation, I signed up for a subscription with Bill4Time. It is, by far the best decision that I have ever made for my business. I have been enrolled for approximately one year and have saved thousands of dollars on book keeping. As well, I now have access to my files, notes and other pertinent information from any location. I was able to verify information, for example, while on vacation out of the country.

Bill4Time is reliable, efficient and essential for solo practitioners like me.

Join Keisha and Try Bill4Time…

The need for cloud based time billing is becoming more and more a necessity for small to medium sized firms. Bill4Time improves the way lawyers manage their firms by enabling them to enter time and expenses on the go using their mobile devises. Bill4Time clients earn more money because they track more time with accurate detail, and look professional and modern by sending invoices and getting paid electronically.

Bill4Time has all the basic features a general law practice requires, plus more sophisticated features for specialized firms including ABA Task Codes, LEDES invoice exports, conflict checker, Trust accounting, Trust reports and summaries on invoices.

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Want more information? Watch our recorded webinar, How to Bill More Efficiently.

Written by Bill4Time Staff

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