How Small Law Firms Bill Without a Billing Department

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December 6, 2011:

Customer story from Cynthia Monaco, from the Law Offices of Cynthia Monaco, New York, NY:

The biggest headache for a small law practice is keeping up with billing without a billing department, Bill4Time solves this issue.

Before transitioning away from a large firm into my solo law practice, I asked other attorneys for advice on the challenges ahead. Most of them told me that their biggest headache was keeping up with billing without a billing department and a secretary to chase billables to be entered.

As a Harvard University and Harvard Law School graduate, I started my career as a clerk on the Second Circuit, then worked in the Clinton Administration as an appointee for Janet Reno. I then did short stint at Ropes and Gray then became a federal prosecutor in Brooklyn. Leaving government for a law firm in the midst of a large recession was eye opening. It taught me that the large law firm model isn’t well suited to the type of law I wanted to practice, representing individuals and smaller investment advisers in connection with SEC and criminal investigations.

As a prosecutor, I learned to work with limited resources in terms of manpower and support staff in putting together cases. I learned in private practice that my clients wanted to hire me and not my entire firm. Given the explosion of web based technologies, there was no reason why I couldn’t be equally effective in the private sector. Web-based time and billing software like Bill4Time made small firm management efficient in time consumption and cost.

So I left large firm life taking my loyal clients with me.

I acted carefully and read a number of reviews from the ABA and other legal sites before choosing Bill4Time. The iPhone application makes all the difference in saving me time and making sure I capture my hours. Yesterday I had a long day in court followed by a drink with colleagues. If I hadn’t logged my hours in via my iPhone during breaks in the proceedings, I would have missed much of the detail and the time worked. I now work with fewer clients but have seen receivables grow.

Small law firm life has taught me to share the efficiencies I practice with my clients and colleagues.

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The need for cloud based time billing is becoming more and more a necessity for small to medium sized firms. Bill4Time improves the way lawyers manage their firms by enabling them to enter time and expenses on the go using their mobile devises. Bill4Time clients earn more money because they track more time with accurate detail, and look professional and modern by sending invoices and getting paid electronically.

Bill4Time has all the basic features a general law practice requires, plus more sophisticated features for specialized firms including ABA Task Codes, LEDES invoice exports, conflict checker, Trust accounting, Trust reports and summaries on invoices.

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Written by Bill4Time Staff

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