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February 7, 2010:

The new invoice template feature is here! It’s a completely new customization feature that we are introducing and will continue to expand upon throughout the year.

Invoice Designs

In addition to the standard invoice design that has always existed in the system, there are two additional designs to choose from. More designs will be added throughout the year.

Customizable Header & Footer

Use your company’s stationery on your Bill4Time invoices. You can change your header and footer to be text, an image, or just space for your letterhead.

Client Details

With the new invoice designs, you can customize the contact information for the client. You can make it as detailed or as basic as you want. The new designs allow you include additional client details: phone, fax, and a custom line. The custom line allows you to insert any extra information.

Specialized Templates Per Client

Create as many invoice templates as you need. You can assign one for the entire system that will be applied to all invoices, or create unique invoices for specific clients. Tip: when making an invoice template for a specific client, note that in the template name. This will make it easier for you to remember.

You will find the invoice templates under Settings > Invoice Setup. It is also located under the Invoice Presets tab of your Client Details screen. Want to learn how to design your own template, upload an image to your header, or assign a template to a client? Learn more about how to use the invoice templates in the Knowledge Base.

Written by Bill4Time Staff

0 responses to “New! Bill4Time Invoice Templates”

  1. Carl says:

    I can not access Invoicing in the new version; and you have blocked the ability for customers to Invoice in the old version. I am sick and tried of you repeatedly either partly or fully taking Bill4Time out of service and/or features without prior notice to your customers!!

  2. Bill4Time says:

    Hello Carl, I’m happy that you are doing better after working with our technical support team the other day. They just gave me the good news today.

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