The Modern Cloud-Based Law Firm: Make Your Law Firm More Efficient with these SaaS Apps

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October 16, 2015:

We are pleased that Bill4Time was listed as one of the apps recommended for the modern law firm in the Crozdesk blog! Excerpts of Tristan Cardwell’s blog are below:

As publiscrozdeskhed in Crozdesk by | Oct 15, 2015 |

Having worked in the legal sector, I have seen first-hand the challenges facing the industry in 2015. The impact of technology in the form of instant communication has dramatically increased the pace at which clients expect work to be delivered, while the prevalence of legal information on the internet means that legal professionals now have to work harder to earn their worth in the eyes of increasingly informed clients. As well as presenting challenges, advances in technology present many opportunities for the modern law firm through the wide range of legal SaaS products on offer, enabling them to streamline the way they function and stay ahead of the competition.

SaaS apps for the modern cloud based law firm

Bill4Time is a time recording app that allows users to easily record and keep track of billable time. The software can be accessed from a smartphone or tablet and features one-click time recording and one-screen batch entry as well as a diary sync function which allows appointments and time entries to be consistent. Customisable and batch invoicing as well as 24/7 client access to a secure payment portal along with a Quickbooks plugin, make this software highly relevant for the modern law firm. Bill4time also Features a customisable dashboard allowing users to review and track detailed activity relating to billed time.

cloudThe Modern Cloud-Based Law Firm

The benefits of subscription software are well known, whether it is the latest film from Netflix, cloud file storage or an innovative solution for marketing your business. It is clear that the legal industry is no exception; the range of specific legal SaaS software means that law firms need not operate as they have done previously, tied to outdated and poorly fitting server-based software.

California-based Attorney at Law, Zachary C. Strebeck, an early-adopter of SaaS legal software, is certain these apps have changed the way he works: “It’s an exciting time, with all of these digital tools, I’m able to run my practice from anywhere in the world. I’m completely virtual, so I basically live and die by these services.” If this ringing endorsement of SaaS software in the legal workplace is anything to go by, cloud-based legal software solutions are set to have a significant impact on the worldwide legal industry.

View the complete list of recommended apps for the modern law firm by Tristan Cardwell.

Written by Bill4Time Staff

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