Your Accounting Tab Just Got Faster!

Written by Bill4Time Staff in Accounting, Blog, What's New
October 24, 2013:

Bill4Time is a heavily used software – some of our customers have over 1,000 invoices assigned to one client! Thousands of people depend on us each day, so we’re always making improvements to make the Bill4Time experience even better.

We’ve recently made some updates to our server to boost the performance of Bill4Time. You should start to notice an increased speed in page load time when using the accounting section of your account.  While everyone will benefit from the updates we’ve made, large clients will notice the biggest difference – your accounting tab will now load up to 10x faster. Talk about an increase in productivity!

As always, we love hearing suggestions from our customers, if you have a suggestion for an update or feature, submit it in our Knowledge Base!

Happy billing!

Written by Bill4Time Staff

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