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March 29, 2010:

So much has been happening since the release of our new version in November: a lot more features and updates! We’re pretty excited about them. We invite you to try them out and see how it makes your time and billing tasks easier. Here are two more additional features to help you with invoicing.

Invoicing Software Update #1

Bill4Time users can now send out multiple invoices to a single client using only a single batch. This is especially useful if you have a lot of invoices to send out, and several clients with multiple projects open.
So when you create a new invoice batch, you will see two columns of check boxes. The ones on the left denote which projects you want included in the batch. The ones on the right denote which ones require a separate invoice. And as before, each client automatically has his/her own invoice.

Invoicing Software Update #2

Whenever you upload an image of a receipt for expense tracking, the image will be included in the invoice that lists that receipt. This adds further accountability to your professional activities. Just make sure you enable this feature on your invoice template. It is located near the Footer settings on the invoice template settings.

Written by Bill4Time Staff

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