Bill4Time Giving Back: Free Time Billing Software for Students

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August 24, 2011:

Our students are the next generation of professionals who will be part of this current economy. They work hard in their studies while faced with the financial hardships of college life. It’s not easy, and Bill4Time commends all students who make the extra effort to go beyond the classroom for real-world experience. We at Bill4Time believe it’s important to invest in students’ future.

Software for Students

Bill4Time now offers all students—law, accounting, computer science, whatever—with an .edu address a free use of the full software for as long as they are in school. Sign up for our time billing software for students and let us know your school, field of study, and how Bill4Time will help you succeed in your future.

Quickly learn to use our intuitive software with our ever-growing Knowledge Base and webinars, too!

“Now students can enjoy all the benefits of Bill4Time for free while they are studying,” said Jeremy Diviney, president of Bill4Time. “Using time billing software as a business tool prepares students for the real working world and helps them succeed after graduation.”

Written by Bill4Time Staff

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