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Training Manuals

Invoice Preset Options

Step by step instructions for setting up the invoice templates on Account, Client and Project levels.


How do I set up billing rates?

Step by step instructions for setting up billing rates at all levels.


How do I post and apply a payment?

Step by step instructions on posting or applying different payments to invoices.


Administrative & Management

This guide is for system administrators who have access to the entire system. It covers system settings, user management, client management, and invoicing.


Standard User Guide

This guide is intended for standard users of the Bill4Time system. These users will have basic access to Bill4Time for viewing clients and projects, entering time and expenses towards them, and reporting.


Quickbooks Connect Guide

This guide is to help you upload, install, and run the application. It also provides step-by-step instructions on transferring data from Bill4Time to QuickBooks. Separate instructions for QuickBooks Online users, too!