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Bill4Time Story

Bill4Time was started in 2006 as a timekeeping solution for an individual law firm. That solution was then offered to a few other law and consulting firms as more functionality was added at their guidance. It was one of the first entirely cloud based time tracking solutions offered in the industry, and it continued to grow into the top rated one in its class. As one of the web’s most experienced providers of cloud-based time and billing software with more than 50,000 registered users. Bill4Time offered two different cloud-based time & billing solutions: Bill4Time, for business consultants, accountants and other time-based professionals, and Bill4Time Legal, with added, legal-specific features including support for ABA activity, expense and task codes, LEDES and Litigation Advisor exports, IOLTA Trust Accounting, and integration with legal-specific merchant services. Both versions offer 256-bit data security, an online payment portal, five levels of fully customizable user permissions, optional customizable invoices and reports, plus integration with popular services including Stripe, QuickBooks, and

Bill4Time has a well-deserved reputation for accurate timekeeping and expense tracking capabilities, advanced reporting operations, and a segment-leading Client Payment Portal. In keeping with our growth into the Legal Practice Management space, and changes to the competitive landscape, in 2019 we are redoubling our efforts to sustain competitive advantages and address systemic weaknesses as to repave their foundation.

Our over-arching goal for the year is to help our subscribing firms stay ahead of customer satisfaction trends and propose that Bill4Time implement practice management solutions focused on automating customer engagement through our Client Portal.

Our expectation is that deepening customer interactions with the portal will improve the firm’s throughput for billing, collections, and information-sharing overall. The motivation by this goal is driven by service-delivery changes within the legal industry that call for improved payment-arrangement flexibility and a centralized portal for sharing billing and other client-related information securely.

Bill4Time will be implementing a solution focused on automating many steps in the billing and collection process. Our flexible payment flows will enable firms to fully realize the benefits of automated productivity throughout the entire billing cycle. Importantly, we aim to provide guidance and support for this new solution that ensures subscribers can onboard quickly and realize measurable improvements in engagement flexibility, assured collections return, and overall customer satisfaction.

Bill4Time is positioned to be the all-in-one solution for small to midsize firms. Our feature set closely correlates with the habits and structures of B2C law firms, and we also offer a flexible architecture that can be configured for B2B litigation. This year our focus will be directed at B2C law firms with an outsized business volume relative to size, and who desire Alternative Fee Arrangement (AFA) features with automated billing and collection via web-based client engagement tools. This firm wishes to automate the role of ‘Billing/Records Clerk’, by providing their clients 24/7 online case access, the ability to share files easily, and flexible online payment options.

How do I sign-up for the 30 day trial?

Click here for the sign-up form. All new accounts begin as free-trials with no credit card required. If you want to begin subscribing simply add your credit card information at the end of the trial.

How much does is cost?

Try it for FREE. All new accounts begin as free-trials with no credit card required. If you want to continue using the software after your trial period simply add your credit card information.

How can I get up to speed with the software?

We have an extesive video library of tutorials, training manuals and knowledge base covering every aspect of our application at your fingertips. .

What are the minimum system requirements?

You need a current web browser with an active web connection:
Internet Explorer 9 or above, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
If you want to use the mobile application, you need a smartphone, an iPhone/iPod, or any Android device.

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