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Bill4Time Payments

Get paid faster and see all your payments in one place with Bill4Time Payments.

Make it Easy to Get Paid

Convenient online payments with Bill4Time Payments.

Clients have come to expect the convenience of paying invoices online. With Bill4Time Payments, you can offer the ease of accepting online payments and process all transactions right within our system. There’s no need for third-party services or integrations, plus you get access to exclusive payment related reports when you activate Bill4Time Payments. Bill4Time Payments offers industry-low transaction rates, best-in-class payment technology, and gets your organization paid 70% faster than average billing practices.

Modern legal technology & compliance
Bill4Time Payments is 100% compliant with IOLTA, ABA, and state bar guidelines for accepting ePayments.

Create custom payment plans
Improve your cashflow and reduce the risk of missed payments with customizable payment plans in Bill4Time Payments. With the ability to create payment plans in weekly or monthly installments, you can offer your clients financial flexibility and ensure your business gets paid on time. Your firm can set up automated payment reminders, so you can focus on growing your business without worrying about missed payments.

One application to do it all
Third-parties or integrations can be costly and unreliable when you need to get things done. Built-in to the Bill4Time platform, Bill4Time Payments makes it easy to accept and process transactions in one platform.

Enhanced client experience
You and your clients will enjoy the added benefit of quick and easy online payments. Whether they use eCheck or a credit card, clients can pay in just a few clicks and you get access to your funds.

Easily optimize your revenue
Processing paper checks is time consuming and contributes to unnecessary paper waste. Bill4Time Payments allows you to take control of your cash flow and get paid faster compared to traditional billing practices. Create custom payment links with Link2Pay to add anywhere — your website, emails, and more.

Multiple Ways to Pay
Whether your clients want to pay via credit card or directly from their bank account, Bill4Time Payments has you covered with the lowest transaction fees in the legal industry.

eCheck, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa

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Bill4Time Payments

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No chargeback assistance from other processors

Chargeback assistance is included in Bill4Time Payments

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to sign up and what info do I need?
Signing up takes only a few minutes. The only information you'll need is details for the firm bank accounts you'd like to connect, including a voided check, and your firm's Tax ID. If you already have a Bill4Time account, you can start your Bill4Time Payments application here.

How do I get paid?
Simply link your operating and/or trust account(s) using our in-app experience and you’re ready to accept payments. No micro deposits or waiting times required for bank verification. Once a payment is made by your client you’ll be immediately notified. The funds will be posted to your bank account within 3 business days for eCheck and 2-3 business days for credit card.

Can I compliantly accept payments to my firm’s operating and trust accounts with Bill4Time Payments?
Yes, with Bill4Time Payments you can allow clients to make payments to your firm’s trust or operating account with 100% compliance with IOLTA guidelines, the ABA’s Rules of Professional Conduct, and the rules of all 50 state bar associations. Earned and unearned fees are completely separated at all times (including during the online transmission process).

What is the payment process like for my client?
We're proud to offer the most modern payment experience on the market. With just a few clicks your clients are able to submit a compliant payment via any credit card or eCheck. A faster, more convenient payment experience means better client satisfaction — and improved collection times for you.

What our customers are saying

"saves an incredible amount of time"

I love that Bill4Time is the total package; not just time keeping, not just invoicing, not just keeping track of expenses. Any time that I have needed help, the customer service has been outstanding and fast. I will keep recommending this service whenever I find the opportunity.
I love Bill4Time.

Maria Irizarry
Harker Law Office

"saves an incredible amount of time"

What's to be said about billing software other than it should work? Bill4Time works even when I'm out of the office. They have the mobile apps for when I am away and need to track time.

David Finns