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Bill4Time running on a smart phone.

"paid for itself"

"My motto is: "Be brief, be bright, be gone." Bill4Time allows my team to work that way with our clients! We provide security services to a broad range of clients and our engineers are on the road non-stop. Bill4Time allows us to immediately and accurately track our time while in the field right on an iPhone. Since implementing this solution, our detailed record keeping has vastly improved. We no longer have a problem with "missing" time entries because time is entered at the time of service while still at the client's location. In addition, we accurately capture expenses at the time of the expense, and send out our invoices by e-mail with just a few clicks. Bill4Time has immediately paid for itself many times over! It is simple to use (be brief), intuitive (be bright), and gets the job done quickly (be gone)!"

Paul G. Lewis
T & M Protection Resources, L.L.C.
New York, NY

Bill4Time running on a tablet.

"iPad app makes all the difference"

"Before transitioning away from a large firm into my solo law practice, I asked other attorneys for advice on the challenges ahead. Most of them told me that their biggest headache was keeping up with billing without a billing department and a secretary to chase billables to be entered. I acted carefully and read a number of reviews from the ABA and other legal sites before choosing Bill4Time. The iPad application makes all the difference in saving me time and making sure I capture my hours. Yesterday I had a long day in court followed by a drink with colleagues. If I hadn't logged my hours in via iPad during breaks in the proceedings, I'd have missed much of the detail."

Cynthia Monaco
Law Offices of Cynthia Monaco
New York, NY

On December 1, 2010, we started a new law firm, in part because our old firm had too many unnecessary expenses that were cutting into the profitability of our business model. We vowed to keep our expenses as low as possible on items that did not directly serve our customers, concentrating on keeping our overhead low. We found, and decided to try Bill4Time.

With one exception, our firm is not full of technically savvy types, but we've found Bill4Time to be very user friendly. We've been able to provide the exact same service to our customers at a fraction of the cost of larger billing systems. We are fairly new to Bill4Time but so far we are very happy.

David W. Zahniser
Garvey Shearer, PSC
Ft. Mitchell, KY

Bill4Time has really made a huge difference in my law firm. We have it loaded on our Droid phones too, so we can enter time wherever we are. Not only is entering time a breeze, but we're able to capture more of our time (with more accurate descriptions) because we're able to enter it daily. As far as the actually billing process: a complete joy. We used to spend many hours each month formatting bills and getting them finalized. Last month, I finalized, printed and sent an entire month's bills in 20 minutes. Finally, the interface with QuickBooks is very helpful... and, I understand that the Bill4Time folks are working to make that interaction more robust.

Thanks Bill4Time!

Daniel S. Galligan
Mayer Galligan Law, LLC
Milwaukee, WI

" I have come to rely on the ease and convenience"

Bill4Time is a wonderful service at a great price. It has helped me in more ways than I can count. As a busy professional working two very different jobs, I have come to rely on the ease and convenience of Bill4Time.

I work as a paralegal for a solo attorney and as an assistant to a project manager and interior design consultant. My bosses are as different as night and day. But the one thing they have in common, besides their awesome assistant, is that they both agreed to a trial of Bill4Time upon my suggestion. After just a few days of trying out this service, they both wanted to sign up. Without Bill4Time by my side, my jobs would be much more difficult. Before we had this service, I crafted invoices from time kept on handwritten scraps of note paper. This was the most time consuming and frustrating part of my job. With the Bill4Time App for the iPhone, both of my bosses can add time entries easily and on the spot. We don't lose any time if a note has been misplaced.

I love that Bill4Time is the total package; not just time keeping, not just invoicing, not just keeping track of expenses. Any time that I have needed help, the customer service has been outstanding and fast. I will keep recommending this service whenever I find the opportunity. I love Bill4Time.

Maria Irizarry
Harker Law Office

"saves an incredible amount of time"

Bill4Time has been an extremely helpful tool in managing my accounts. It saves an incredible amount of time with a simple click and reduced accounting and time management errors to a null factor. I no longer waste time with cumbersome systems just trying to keep track of the day to day practical accounting and clerical responsibilities - this leaves me more time for the actual project - saving money and reducing waste - can't ask for better than that. Furthermore, it has made filing my work related taxes much easier. I am extremely satisfied with this product as well as the support that comes with it.

Thank you Bill4Time.

Mary Ann Barker
QA and Regulatory Affairs

"I capture more time and can present detailed descriptions of that time for billing purposes."

I am a huge fan of Bill4Time for billing. I started using Bill4Time a couple of years ago, when I started my own law practice. The "cloud" was new then, at least it was new to me. I was looking for a non-server based billing program for me and a couple of time keepers. I have used most of the major legal billing programs. I was blown away with how easy it was to set up matters, input time, and most importantly generate invoices. The iPhone application is an incredible bonus to make sure that I capture all time and expenses when I am out of the office. As my firm has continued to grow, Bill4Time's capability has effortlessly expanded to meet our needs. Without a doubt, I have made more money using Bill4Time because I capture more time and I am able to present time in the best possible light for billing purposes. Another incredible feature is Bill4Time's customer support. They are so responsive to problems and issues that arise.

I do not see how the traditional desktop/server based billing programs will survive as more users find Bill4Time.

Keith Turner
Turner Law Firm
Pacific Palisades, CA

"That alone pays for the cost of the billing program"

After a long relationship with another billing program, I have found the Bill4Time service to be quite rewarding for my business. First of all, I can take some idle time and use it to input my time on my iPhone! This program is the envy of many of the other forensic accountants who operate in the legal profession.

Also, of great importance, is the ability to view on my iPhone the current accounts receivable balance of a client which also shows the last receipt that was used to determine the current balance. Attorneys and/ or clients want to know all the billing I have done on the case at hand. We simply email them a link and they get all of that information within minutes and they can print whatever they like. It will show all the payments perfectly.

The styles of the invoices can be changed, I can include my logo, and I can send them to the clients via email. That alone pays for the cost of the billing program. I don't have to worry about back-up. It is online so I can access my account from anywhere. Support has been very helpful during the transition.

Donald John Miod
Miod & Company LLP
Mission Hills, CA

"there is no better way"

I left a major corporation where I was responsible for nearly every aspect of running a $20M consulting business. We'd run nearly 300 projects per month using over 450 consultants. One of the consistent challenges we had was time and expense entry (getting data entered correctly and in a timely manner so that we could bill our clients accurately.) We know that with consultants traveling, it had to be easy to enter data.

For twelve years we looked for some solution and never were able to find it. Upon starting my own firm in early 2010, I realized that I had to solve the same problem. I purchased QuickBooks only to realize how little I know about accounting. While I needed that package for my accountant and bookkeeper, I also needed something else. Then I came across Bill4Time. I was blown away with the focus on simplicity and the user experience. It is trivial to enter information about my clients, my projects, and my time. With one site I can quickly see the dashboard of my startup business, and can access it from my mobile device. Needless to say, I wish I had Bill4Time available to me in the past.

If you care about providing your client's with valuable time, then there is no better way to quickly and simply record your activities and bill accordingly.

Eric Linxweiler
Inflection Point
Seattle, WA

" saves an incredible amount of time"

I have a video production company and we have three main categories: pre-production, production and post-production. There are different activities for each category. I now know in great detail the identity of each, the order of each and how much time is spent on each activity. It is most important to show the client how much time was spent on their production. Most clients do not have the knowledge of how much time it takes to produce a good video! Thanks to Bill4Time, now they do and it makes the billing process much easier. My thanks again for a great program.

Ron Melmon
ZIPPO Productions
Sedona, AZ

" very user-friendly and amazingly detailed at the same time"

When starting my new business, I needed a tool that helped manage my time for my clients. I came across Bill4Time. At first I thought the program was slightly complicated but after using it for a little while it was actually very user-friendly and amazingly detailed at the same time. When editing your clients, your client contacts, your billing rates, your projects, your timesheets, everything seems to connect perfectly. I love the fact you can customize your billing rates for all of your clients, add discounts at the invoice stage, manage your accounting from invoices received and generating detailed reports.

The only thing I wish you could have would be the ability to change the invoice numbers to a sequential order (i.e. if you have already generated an invoice you cannot then change the ID number). However, I have been informed that Bill4time is working on this. Then it would be a totally perfect solution for my needs.

The real benefit for me is the fact I now do not have to worry about collecting all my time and generating invoices for my clients as everything is automatically calculated for you. And when the time comes to hand over what I have earned to my accountant, I can simply generate a report for the tax year!

Many thanks Bill4Time!

Kevin Gardner
Newmarket, UK

" has been an integral part of my firm's success"

I have been using Bill4Time for roughly two years. During that time I have built a solo law practice into a profitable business with clients in New York, California and overseas. Bill4Time has been an integral part of my firm's success. With such a diverse client base, I am regularly travelling for client meetings, networking events, hearings and other matters. Bill4time (and the mobile app) allows me to quickly access key client information wherever I am. And, more importantly, the service allows me to capture my time in a quick, efficient manor on the fly. I am confident that this seamless connectivity has allowed me to bill for literally thousands of dollars of activities that otherwise would have been lost. Finally, I love that I never spend any time on upgrades, downtime or workarounds. That too is a hidden cost of owning software that I don't have to deal with.

Thanks for creating a great product!

James Atkins
Law Offices of James E. Atkins P.C.
New York, New York

"very time and cost efficient"

We find Bill4Time to be easy to use and, combined with a remote bookkeeper very time and cost efficient. The many features allow billing flexibility and integration with our regular Quickbooks system. We love it.

George Tamblyn
Advocates Law Group
Lacey, WA

" I can be billing from the beach if I want"

Bill4time has helped my law office become Internet based so that my employees can bill for time from home and I can work on billing no matter where I am. Before I was spending money for support staff to enter time and I was spending hours myself at the office in billing. Now I can work in it from the beach if I want.

Dawn Marie Bates-Buchanan
Bates-Buchanan Law Group, P.A.
Bradenton, Florida

" Bill4Time is the best kept secret"

Our office started using Bill4Time in October of 2010. Within 6 months, the firm hired additional staff members and we have been able to process more information and projects, easily update client and project information, and streamline efficiencies in the office. The reporting functions have made it possible to make reliable growth plans and understand and increase overall profitability. The customer support is always reliable and friendly. We can't wait for the continual updates, as Bill4Time gets better each month!

Lauren H. Lieb
Lieb at Law, P.C
Center Moriches, New York

" saves an incredible amount of time"

I currently use Bill4Time for three separate companies. The newest company (we opened because we knew we could use Bill4Time to drastically reduce our administrative time and allow us to hire work from home employees. Bill4Time has totally simplified our work flow and billing, allowing us to grow our business without adding administrative staff. Our field agents upload pictures, videos and time and case reports direct to the web based system. In the past, our agents had to email files or come to the office to upload to a standalone system.

The new CASE Entries report has save us hundreds of hours of time that use to be spent writing reports. The time and expense tracking allows us to see with a click the total billable amounts for each client. Thanks to Bill4Time, we have been able to increase the number of cases we work and decrease the amount of time we spend for reporting and billing. We have and will continue to recommend Bill4Time to our national and international professional contacts.

Gary Beard
Virginia Process Servers Inc.
Fairfax, VA

" The staff at Bill4Time have truly thought of everything!"

I have tried many time and billing programs over the last 15 years and Bill4Time is clearly the most efficient, user friendly and reasonably priced program for a small to mid-sized law firm. I've been using Bill4Time for over a year now and I cannot say enough good things about it. It is simple to learn and easy to input information. It has all the basic features a general law practice needs, plus more sophisticated features for specialized firms. I love the dashboard feature and I keep it open all day so I can immediately capture my billable time. I also like the override feature, the time clock, the flat/hourly fee option and the ability to discount invoices and track and attach expenses/receipts. The invoice templates allow you to customize the information you want to include and result in clean, professional, easy to read invoices. The accounting features are very easy to use and I cannot believe how many reports can be generated from this simple program. The staff at Bill4Time have truly thought of everything!

One final note, Bill4Time's customer service has been outstanding. Every time I had a question, Kristin O'Neill, Support Specialist, has promptly responded. She also passed on and followed up on several issues/suggestions I made regarding some of the features and the programming staff immediately provided a solution! The Webinars Kristin conducts are also fantastic in providing additional training and information on the many features available in the Bill4Time program. I tell all of my colleagues about Bill4Time and I will continue to do so!

Thank you Bill4Time!

Michele C. Raia, Attorney
Michele C. Raia Law Offices, LLC
Mentor, Ohio

" I am able to capture far more time"

I love the fact that I can sit at home, turn on my computer and enter my time for the day. As a sole practitioner, you get so busy talking to clients and returning phone calls that you forget to enter your work. In the past, my billing and time tracking software required me to be in my office on an office computer to enter time. Hence a lot of my time did not get entered. Bill4time has made my practice more efficient and the app on my android phone has helped with my efficiency as well. I am able to capture far more time with Bill4Time than with any product that I have used in the past.

Denise Billingsley
Billingsley Law Firm LLC
Carrollton, GA

" The software is very intuitive"

I opened my estate planning law firm after 9 years of practice (6 years with BigLaw) last October and Bill4Time has been immensely useful. The software is very intuitive and I needed no training to get up and running and to produce quality invoices. Wanting to keep my overhead low and have access anywhere, Bill4Time has been perfect. What has been especially useful is the iPhone app I use daily for time entries wherever I may be.

Andrew L. Nesbitt, Esq.
Nesbitt Law PLLC
Charlotte, North Carolina

" able to better manage existing projects "

Our Company, Paragon Health, provides consulting, management, and other services in the medical industry. With our work force growing every month and all our team spread out over the entire country, it is often difficult to manage the assignment of new projects, work effort, and travel expenses. After doing some extensive research on time entry software, we choose Bill4Time. The program was very simple to deploy to the entire company and required little to no training. The webinars were very helpful in setting up and customizing our system. Bill4Time has helped us improve our organization by providing us important information that we did not previously have access to. By using Bill4Time as a tool, we are now able to better manage existing projects as well as determine whose schedule would permit the addition of new projects. We have pulled useful information from the reporting section such as: 'What percentage of time is billable?', 'How much time is being spent on business development activities?' and 'on corporate activities?' We have also found it helpful to have the ability to keep all expense reports and receipts in one, central location. This helps us invoice the clients in a timely manner, and reimburse our employees accurately.

Chelsea Thomas
Paragon Health
Southlake, Texas

" software is flexible"

My firm has abandoned the billable hour, but we still use Bill4Time because we want clients to see our progress in Task Summaries. The software is flexible enough to accommodate both processes in a single summary, providing clients with progress updates as well as the tailored pricing we have for each of our cases.

Dawn Elaine Bowie, Esq.
Maryland Family Law Firm, L.L.C.
Rockville, Maryland

" fundamental tool to improve Gonzalez & Coiscou productiveness"

Easy access, use and reliability, are just few of the characteristics that we can highlight from Bill4Time as a modern working tool that understands business necessities of its customers. Since implementation of Bill4Time as our main billing system, our business has grown considerably based on the extraordinary simplicity to handle the invoicing cycles and the clarity of invoices issued to customers. It has helped us to optimize our cash flow and to have a better record of our operations.

Bill4Time allows our team to have the mobility required with the actual lifestyle, without leaving aside invoicing. Also the relation with our working team has improved incredibly, as Bill4Time has allowed us to make precise adjustments with our human resources, by measuring performance of each individual in specific areas, giving us the ability to have right people in the different practice areas, ensuring a quality service from the firm, right in the moment demanded by customer.

Another great advantage of Bill4Time is the amazing efficiency of the technical support, solving in record time reported issues with the system, demonstrating the compromise with its customers.

Experience of Gonzalez & Coiscou working with Bill4Time has been highly profiting and satisfying.

Milvio Coiscou
Gonzalez & Coiscou
Managing Partner

" one of the true assets of my company"

As a new startup business, my small law firm could not function without the capabilities of Bill4time. My firm represents fairly large insurance companies, corporations, and other companies who expect a detailed monthly invoice of the hours and hourly rate associated with the amounts billed to them. I understand that other law firms use fairly expensive software to do their billing. They spend thousands of dollars for software that resides on their computers and has to be upgraded every year and backed up on a daily basis. With your software as a service product, I am completely hands-off. I simply use the product knowing that it is secure and being backed up for me. Moreover, I am free to use contract labor because any of my employees can reach my billing software from anywhere they want to work. As a result, although we have office space, the members of The Hunt Law Firm work from anywhere.

I have prepared briefs and kept track of my time while sitting in a restaurant and while sitting in court. I can do work from home and I can keep track of my time while sitting by the pool or, using my mobile device, while traveling in a cab on the way to the airport. My business has numerous clients and therefore I have to send out more than 30 or 40 bills each month. Your service not only allows me to do that but to keep track of who has paid their bills. I then connect your service with QuickBooks and keep track of my deposits and bank accounts as well. On the few occasions that I have had technical difficulties, I have been able to call and get help instantly and, more recently, chat online with a technical representative who resolved my problem for me quickly. I have recommended your software service to many others and I will continue to do so in the future. I truly believe that your service is one of the true assets of my company. The service is worth every penny that I pay for it.

Sean Antone Hunt, Esq.
The Hunt Law Firm
Memphis, Tennessee

" I love that I can log in from anywhere"

I am new to Bill4time and enjoy using it very much. I love that I can log in anywhere do my work, print and mail out invoices. I use to have to wait until I got home to connect to my printer and then mail out. Invoices are now going out on time and without any problems.

I also love the support that I have received. Whenever I have had a problem and post it. I receive a response within a 12 hour period. GREAT SERVICE!

Anita Chiesa
Law Offices of James D. Rush
Novato, California

" software is easy to use and intuitive"

I got Bill4time at a time when I had a huge need to put together a bill in 4 days for a matter that had accumulated over 7 months. I was told that it was easy to figure out and that even I could figure it out and my colleague was absolutely right. While the training has proved helpful and enlightening, ultimately the software is easy to use intuitive

Angela D. Giampolo, Esquire
Giampolo Law Group
Philadelphia, PA

" saves an incredible amount of time"

We are a small law Partnership in Eastern Washington made up of my father, my sister and me. As such, we all work together to manage the business, Bill4time has been a great asset in this respect. Bill4time has democratized our billing and oversight of one another. Accessible from anywhere at any time, Bill4time gives us the freedom to work from home, or different computers and keep up with our billing.

Most importantly, it allows us all to see what one another is working on in a quick glance. How we are doing on billable hours for the month? Who has billed the most hours? Those are the simple questions that bill4time answers. But it is also a great learning tool. How long did this same type of project take another attorney, and what types of notes did they put next to their billable hours? The legal profession is changing with the rest of the world. No longer is it a top down tower of knowledge and access. We need more information at our finger tips and we need it faster. Bill4time is twenty-first century tool that allows me that access.

Ted Reinbold
Reinbold & Gardner PLLC
Okanogan, Washington

" I used to dread end of the month invoicing and the time it took" = MoreFreeTime4Kelly.Smile

I am a one woman show. I love my Public Relations clients and they look to me for guidance in their businesses. It's a lot to keep up with! Organization is key. As a new user of the Bill4Time system, I'm amazed at how simple it is to get organized, stay that way, and track ALL the necessary details. Customized invoicing looks so professional and provides all the tools needed to track my time and specific tasks for each client and project. The reports save me a lot of time that I used to spend manually chasing the details. I used to dread end of the month invoicing and the time it took. Now I look forward to it! I am still learning about some of the Bill4Time features and have found their customer support to be incredibly responsive and helpful. It's a good day when I can look back on it and feel the satisfaction of having things under control. It's an even better feeling knowing that going forward I can count on Bill4Time to help keep me organized and professional in the eyes of my clients.

Kelly Diedring Harris
PR, Spokesperson, Host

"collections are way up"

I'm an attorney and a sole practitioner. Over the years, we have tried many time tracking and billing software options. All were cumbersome, not easy to follow, so consequently we didn't track or bill time as well as we should. I "happened upon" Bill4time and it has really changed our practice. We are so much more efficient at keeping track of time and expenses, billing for it and, lo and behold, our collections are way up. Thank you for building such a great product!

Now I'm going to try the Beta version for my Droid phone.

Bob Visnick
Robert L. Visnick
Attorney at Law
Rockport, MA

" created a new 'ahead of the times' image of my practice in the eyes of clients and referral sources"

I have been in business as a Certified Public Accountant for over 30 years and have worked with many billing programs; typically frustrated at the confusion they cause my staff and my clients. My practice is in forensic accounting, business valuation and litigation support. Confidentiality is paramount.

Bill4time has solved the billing frustration with user friendly modules that simplify rather than mystify the process of billing. Individual users can work independently and yet there are sufficient controls for my office manager and myself to account for our time. The online feature facilitates my communication with clients whether or not I am in the office or on the road.

I have received many complements with the e-mail delivery of bills. The accolades include: great to work with someone ahead of the time, we appreciate the security of online delivery vs. the mail where employees and other prying eyes my open personal mail, great to see our own account history. It has created a new image of my practice in the eyes of clients and referral sources.

Martin P. Randisi CPA, PLLC
Smithtown, New York

" keep track of my time while on the go"

Bill4Time's easy to use service allows me to keep track of my time while on the go. As a solo-practitioner of the law, I have to be at once the attorney, the secretary and the delivery boy for my company. Bill4Time's flexible access options, from my iPhone or any wireless hot spot, allow me to make sure I don't miss a single minute of my time. Its easy invoicing methods also makes billing at the end of each month a breeze to accomplish and easily syncs to my Quick-books program. If it were not for Bill4Time, my business would be less successful than it currently is.

Kyle Brittingham
Brittingham Law P.A.
Lawrence, KS