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Client Management

Get a 360° degree view of the client relationship

Gain Valuable Insights of the Client Relationship

Stay organized, respond faster and drive optimal results.

With Bill4Time, you can better track and manage the client relationship to provide better service, optimize performance and increase efficiencies. Our contact management system gives you the information you want when you want it, in one centralized location. Easily access client and project information anytime, anywhere on any device with Bill4Time.

  • Activity at a Glance.
    Customize your client dashboard to reflect the information you need—client info, assigned account manager, outstanding balance and more.

  • Unlimited Billing Rates.
    Override default billing rates of each user or set a flat rate for all.

  • Static Budgeting.
    Set your goals and optimize your client’s budget. Compare what has been budgeted to what you have billed on a month–to–month basis.

  • Centralized Information.
    Quickly find clients files, contacts and notes all in one place.

Bill4TIme's Client Management features

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"saves an incredible amount of time"

I love that Bill4Time is the total package; not just time keeping, not just invoicing, not just keeping track of expenses. Any time that I have needed help, the customer service has been outstanding and fast. I will keep recommending this service whenever I find the opportunity.
I love Bill4Time.

Maria Irizarry
Harker Law Office

"saves an incredible amount of time"

What's to be said about billing software other than it should work? Bill4Time works even when I'm out of the office. They have the mobile apps for when I am away and need to track time.

David Finns