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Users get paid 40% faster with LawPay.

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Bill4Time is integrated with LawPay

Get LawPay for free* when registering through Bill4Time.

*Bill4Time waives the $20 per month fee on your behalf when registered through Bill4Time

The most trusted and secure payment processor for lawyers, designed to meet the ethical requirements for legal trust accounting.

Quickly create, print or email professional, branded invoices in minutes. Create pre-bills, detailed invoices and statements. Set payment terms, currency and late fees. Offer flat rate or percentage discounts. Know the status of every invoice with just a click. For added client convenience, seamlessly link your invoices to online payment options and get paid faster.

Use LawPay with Bill4Time and save more money.

Using another method to process electronic transactions? You're probably spending more than you need to.
Bill4Time offers the lowest rates: 1.95% + 20¢ per transaction on all major credit cards, and 2.95% + 20¢ on Amex and specialty cards.

Trusted security and standards compliance.

Collect online credit card payments with trusted security and standards compliance. Bill4Time with LawPay lets you collect earned and unearned fees into operating and trust accounts in accordance with professional and state bar trust accounting guidelines. It also protects IOLTA accounts from chargebacks in the event of a dispute.

Get paid faster. Everything moves quicker with Bill4Time.

Automatic updates your billing records and balance sheets, so you don’t have to. If there's an issue with payment, you and your client get notified immediately. Compared to other payment methods, you get your money quicker, and you save time.

Deliver better client service. Let clients pay on terms that suit them best.

LawPay integration helps make your legal services more accessible by providing access to simple, efficient, and flexible payment options that your clients have come to expect from modern law firms.

Real-time transparency.

Give your clients real-time account updates, accessible anytime. Clients can log in to see a record of invoices and payments alongside trust account balances, case updates, and any additional documentation you choose to share.

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