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Customizable Dashboard

Design it to fit you.

Arrange the dashboard to fit your workflow.

Bill4Time’s dashboard with customizable key performance metrics cards makes it easier than ever to know the health of your business in an instant and at a glance. Track and monitor the essential metrics that are important to the performance of your practice. Utilization rates, AFA’s, and many others will assist in exceeding all of your firm-wide goals.

Adding and removing dashboard cards
Customize the dashboard with as many cards as you would like. Even have multiple versions of the same card.

Adding or removing them in just a click. Simply select the card you would like to add or remove in the settings dialogue box, select it and add or delete it.

See for yourself.
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What our customers are saying

"saves an incredible amount of time"

I love that Bill4Time is the total package; not just time keeping, not just invoicing, not just keeping track of expenses. Any time that I have needed help, the customer service has been outstanding and fast. I will keep recommending this service whenever I find the opportunity.
I love Bill4Time.

Maria Irizarry
Harker Law Office

"saves an incredible amount of time"

What's to be said about billing software other than it should work? Bill4Time works even when I'm out of the office. They have the mobile apps for when I am away and need to track time.

David Finns