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Bill4Time is packed with so many features that will help you everyday. Feature rich without being overwhelming.


Time Tracking and Billing Made Easy.

Bill4Time is the leading time billing software with proven features, accuracy and functionality. Bill4Time handles your time and expense tracking, project and client management, invoicing, online payments and reporting, leaving you more time to focus on what you do best, your business..

  • Simplify Your Billing

  • Recover Lost Revenue

  • Track Time from Anywhere

Time tracking software feature.

Time Tracking

Never miss a billable minute with the features that account for the hours and the dollars.

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Expense tracking software feature.

Expense Tracking

The little purchases add up faster than you think, don’t let your expenses slip through the cracks.

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Billing and invoicing software feature.

Billing & Invoicing

Invoice specifically and accurately, and watch your value soar.

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Client portal software feature.

Client Portal

Don’t let collecting payment take away from your billing or add unnecessary time to your invoicing.

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Client management software feature.

Client Management

You know all the steps that go into solving your clients needs. Respond quicker by staying organized and efficient.

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Project management software feature.

Project Management

When you can easily manage many projects, you have the advantage to take on more and grow your business.

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Accounting software feature.


Account for it without the hassle. Bill4Time is your automated bookkeeper.

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Reporting software feature.


With Bill4Time’s many reports, you can track your money everywhere it goes.

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Online and offline software features.

Online & Offline Access

No downloads, no installations, no hassles. When offline, we have a solution for that too!

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Bill4Time time tracking applications for smart phones and tablets

Mobile Apps

Quickly and effortlessly add those entries, add new clients, edit projects and so much more.

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Bill4Time cloud storage

Cloud Storage

Access your project and client files from any computer.

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Bill4Time's software integrations


Already using QuickBooks for your accounting needs? We’ve got you covered!

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Bill4Time software support

Software Support

Our representatives will make sure the needs of every customer is addressed on an individual basis.

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Security features protecting your data

Data Security

We store your data in highly secure servers and give you the opportunity to keep it on your computer at any time you want.

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secure user access

User Access

Bill4Time offers the most user-privilege settings, period.

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