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Why Do Today What You Can Put Off Until Tomorrow?

April 27, 2012: Blog, Small Business

You’ve been putting off that work for a while now, and the deadline is approaching. You’ve known about it for weeks. You just need a little motivation to get the ball rolling. Look no further.

How Law Firms Save Thousands of Dollars on Bookkeeping

April 19, 2012: Blog, Legal, Small Business

Keisha S. Gatison, from the Gatison Law Firm in North Haven, CT, shares with us why she believes Bill4Time is an invaluable asset to her.

Tip of the Week: Streamline your Internet Searches

April 10, 2012: Blog, What's New

How often do you search for something on the Internet? And how often is your desired result on the first page? More importantly, how often does your search turn up nothing? This guide will help you save more time than you might think!

6 Tips for Successfully Starting a Business

April 5, 2012: Blog, Small Business

Starting a business is a daunting task for even the bravest entrepreneurs. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, relax – here are some tips to send you in the right direction.

Tip of the Week: How to Achieve Your Maximum Per Day

March 20, 2012: Blog, Small Business, What's New

Bill4Time’s Time Management Tip for Business – The Critical 6-A-Day As a side business owner and mom to a busy family, I use and have come to rely upon this incredible time management tool to get the most out of each day. We introduced this tool to the Bill4Time team and immediately saw an increase in productivity. […]

Bill4Time is Now a Premium Solutions Provider of the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Management

February 22, 2012: Blog, Legal, News

Bill4Time, the time tracking and invoicing software proven to help professionals run their businesses successfully, is now a Premium Solutions Provider of the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Management Section (LPM). Since 1974, LPM has been the resource needed for lawyers to successfully manage their law practice. LPM supplies lawyers and legal professionals with information […]

How Small Law Firms Bill Without a Billing Department

December 6, 2011: Blog, Legal, Small Business

The biggest headache for a small law practice is keeping up with billing without a billing department. This is Cynthia Monaco’s story about how Bill4Time solves this issue.

New Features: Email History, Customized Client IDs, and More

November 22, 2011: Blog, What's New

Additional Emailing Features Now you can email your invoice to as many contacts as you like. Bill4Time has now added a CC field to the Email Invoice screen. Choose from your Contact Management list or just type in an additional email address, and separate them with a semi colon and a space. Bill4Time also provides […]

Bootstrapping a Business to Fabricate a Debt Free Company: Steps to Take

November 4, 2011: Blog, Small Business

Guest writer of this post is Marlon Powell who writes on finance related matters such as debt consolidation, settlement and other aspects of handling debts to keep you debt free. Lines of credit, business loans, venture capital and personal loans all exist for those business organizations that need to purchase equipment and inventory, and also […]

New Feature: Improved Scheduler

October 27, 2011: Blog, What's New

This latest system release gives your Scheduler a whole new look. All information in the old version is carried over to this new one. From here, you can still create a Scheduler Report and export your events to your other calendars (eg: Outlook, Google Calendar, iCal, etc). See the Entire Month The calendar is now […]