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Custom Features

Custom Reports, Invoices and Data Fields

Custom Reports, Invoices and Billing workflow

Match Your Existing Invoices, Reports & Custom Data Fields

Bill4Time lets you create detailed, custom invoices and reports that match your existing standards. Maintain consistency and continuity, even when you change time billing systems.

Matched Invoices
When you upgrade your time billing system, your clients expect seamless continuity and consistency in your invoices.
For that reason, Bill4Time offers full invoice customization services*. Our programming team will precisely duplicate your existing professional invoice format, layouts and data fields.

Custom Invoices
Bill4Time also supports custom data fields and calculations in your invoices. Now you can send more detailed invoices with the precise reporting clients demand.
You can add new details to your invoices for greater detail and integrity:

  • Custom reports added as addendum to invoices
  • Customized users summary report
  • Customized trust account activity
  • Custom account summaries
  • Appended forms (including manual credit card entry forms) & scanned copies of invoices

Custom Reports
You can create detailed, custom management reports that meet your professional reporting needs. Report customizations include:

  • Time and hourly billing data displayed in virtually unlimited ways
  • Custom filters and optional views on all reports
  • Extra columns of calculated data

Custom Rate Tables
Bill4Time supports flexible billing rates in addition to custom activity types.
Billing rates can be setup at the client level, project level and activity level, giving you maximum flexibility.
You can also customize lists such as custom work activities with individual rates

* Included in Bill4Time Enterprise subscriptions.

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